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You know it’s true

Rob Pilatus, left, and Fab Morvan show off Grammys. (mymalaysia)
Rob Pilatus, left, and Fab Morvan show off Grammys.
 Milli Vanilli on film (read on to see videos)

A Las Vegas woman who forced the Milli Vanilli scandal to go public hopes a planned film “will be some kind of vindication.”

Jodie Rocco and her twin sister, Linda, were backup singers for the German-produced dance-pop duo that was stripped of a best new artist Grammy in February 1990 when the lip-synching scam was exposed.
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Child Prodigy

A 3 year-old Chinese kid solves the Rubik’s Cube under 2 minutes.

Solving the Rubik’s Cube

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Britney Spears Bald

Britney went straight from the rehab, to the barber’s and then get herself tattoed.

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Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs square off in the clean white virtual world of the iconic Mac ads. For those who have yet to see this hilarious animated video:

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