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You know it’s true

Rob Pilatus, left, and Fab Morvan show off Grammys. (mymalaysia)
Rob Pilatus, left, and Fab Morvan show off Grammys.
 Milli Vanilli on film (read on to see videos)

A Las Vegas woman who forced the Milli Vanilli scandal to go public hopes a planned film “will be some kind of vindication.”

Jodie Rocco and her twin sister, Linda, were backup singers for the German-produced dance-pop duo that was stripped of a best new artist Grammy in February 1990 when the lip-synching scam was exposed.
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Shakira – 2007 Grammy Awards

Shakira Ft. Wyclef Grammy 2007 – Hips Don’t Lie

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Zeenat Aman

2 blast from the past music videos of Zeenat Aman, a favorite pin-up of Indian babyboomers. As in most Indian movies, she lip-syncs songs by playback singers.

Zeenat Aman in the movie Yaadon Ki Baraat (1973) lipsyncing ‘Chura Liya’ (You’ve Stolen My Heart):

Zeenat Aman in the movie Qurbani (1980) lipsyncing “Aap Jaisa Koi” (Someone Like You):

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Naked on the Floor

HollowMen from Comedy Central performing as a mime to the music “Torn”. Funny clip from the show.

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Daniela Cicarelli Video



The hidden camera video of MTV Brazil’s Daniela Cicarelli, the ex-wife of soccer maestro Ronaldo, cavorting with Brazilian banker Renato “Tato” Malzoni, her new boyfriend, is all being posted and reposted over the Net. Paparazzi, Miguel Temprano claims he was just inches away taping the romp at the sea off Cadiz in Spain on 18th September 2006. Fearing negative impact on its corporate image, auto giant GM reputedly has cancelled their endorsement contract with Daniela Cicarelli. This Friday, Brazil’s Supreme Court Justice Enio Santarelli Zuliani ordered YouTube to find a way to permanently block the intimate video from being uploaded on its servers. Inaction could result in a daily fine of $119,000 (£61,300), the couple’s lawyer, Tilkian said. Google bought over YouTube for USD1.65 billion last year.


Watch Cicarelli Pounded By and Below the Waves!

Backup link, in case the above is congested or deleted:

 Alternatively,click here for the Totally Crap Video Stream Link


[12 MB] 00:04:38



[11.9 MB]

Right Pundits Daniela_Cicarelli.flv


This was approved to be shown in YouTube:

Could someone please translate this for me?



Brazilian supermodel Daniela Cicarelli said she disagreed with a judge’s now-reversed order to ban YouTube in an attempt to stop steamy footage of her from being viewed. But she stopped short of offering an apology.


Thousands of Brazilians who use the popular video-sharing site had launched an e-mail protest against her and suggested a boycott of her television program on Brazilian MTV.


Cicarelli said Renato Malzoni was the one who filed the legal case that resulted in YouTube being shut off until Tuesday.


“I don’t have to say I’m sorry about anything because it’s not my fault,” Cicarelli said in the interview on Brazil’s Globo TV on Tuesday night. “I don’t have anything to do with that request, nor with the decision.”


Although she opposed the YouTube ban, Cicarelli told Globo TV she respected her boyfriend’s decision to file the case. \

“I’m not going to interfere with his decision,” she said.


Here it is in her own words:


Bonus Daniela Cicarelli Videos:

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50 Cent – P.I.M.P

P.I.M.P (Censored)

P.I.M.P (Uncensored)

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Irwansyah – Pencinta Wanita (Indon)

Irwansyah – Pecinta Wanita (OST)

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Black Eyed Peas – Don’t Phunk With My Heart

Black Eyed Peas – Don’t Phunk With My Heart

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