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Software for Starving Students

Software for Starving Students is a free collection of programs organized for students (but available to anyone). We’ve gathered a list of best-in-class programs onto one CD (one disc for OS X, one for Windows), including a fully-featured office suite, a cutting-edge web browser, multi-media packages, academic tools, utilities and more.

What software is on the CD?
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Enhance Your YouTube Experience

A collection of several YouTube third party tools to enhance your YouTube experience

  • YouTube Userscripts – a collection of scripts to perform several tasks with YouTube.

  • Youtube Video Slideshow – insert a username or a video tag below and it starts a slideshow.

  • fTube – a YouTube player that downloads the list of 25 most recent videos featured on the YouTube front page. The user can select a video from the list and hit the play button to play it in-Flash.

  • TubeCH – YouTube flash player.

  • iTube – grab Youtube videos, then convert and import them into iTunes. Requires .Net framework and works exclusively on Windows.

  • PodTube – a Mac OS X program, downloads, encodes, and adds YouTube videos to your iTunes library but requires Safari to fetch the videos.

  • TvTube – For Mac users. Allows you to browse YouTube, Google Video and Yahoo Videos, for movie clips that people upload, choose your favorite clips and add them to your shared library.

  • YouTube API – XML Feed Ripper – PHP script that taps into the YouTube API to deliver videos by tag, by username or what’s a current favorite.

  • YouTube Widget – brings all of YouTubes videos to your Mac Dashboard.

  • Search The Tube – A quick way to find videos for your website, blog or profile.

  • YoutubeCrazyVideos – A Youtube videos desktop player. Freeware.

  • IndexTube – categorized and browsable index of the publicly available Youtube videos.

  • YouTube Podcaster – makes Podcast feed from your submitted keyword or url. The feed is made up from embedded youtube video IDs and all videos are converted to the MP4 file format.

  • MemoriesOnWeb – freeware photo slideshow software for YouTube.

This and more at Quick Online Tips

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Free Online Storage Services

Storage Websites Free Account Drag’n Drop File size or Bandwidth limit Save direct to server Sharing option Read from server Auto Synchr.
AllMyData(win XP/2000) 1GB free(when you share with 10 Gb your space) Yes unlimited No Yes No Yes upto 1 GB Yes 1Gb per file / upto 50GB per month Yes Yes Yes No
eSnips upto 1 GB No unlimited Yes Yes Yes No
Freepository upto 300 MB No unlimited No Yes No No
Streamload upto 25 GB No 25 per file / upto 500GB per month Yes Yes No No
Xdrive upto 5 GB Yes unlimited Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mofile upto 1 GB No unlimited No Yes No ?
Mozy(win XP) upto 2 GB No unlimited Yes No No Yes
Omnidrive upto 1 GB Yes unlimited Yes Yes Yes Yes
Openomy upto 1 GB No unlimited Yes Yes No Yes
Dropboks upto 1 GB No 50 MB per file / no info on bandwidth No No No No

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Premium Accounts For Free !!!

File2Upload – Rapidshare alternative

Premium Accounts For Free !!!
You can get Premium Account now. But hurry up, The number of free accounts is limited !!!

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AOL has released a free 5GB XDrive to their users

Anyone can signup for the service on the Xdrive site.

Get 5GB of FREE space, and save a secure copy of your photo collection, home videos, music, and any other digital file!

Get It Now – It’s FREE

Back up your PC – automatically
Set it and forget it! Xdrive can automatically back up all your files on your PC every day, so you can rest easy.

Full-resolution photos
Photos are stored in their original file size so you’ll always be able to maintain the quality of your digital photos.

Avoid Bouncing Large E-mail
Instead of sending a large e-mail that might get returned, send it with Xdrive. There is plenty of room.

With your 5GB of secure online storage there’s plenty of room to keep backup copies of digital photos, all your important documents, e-mail attachments, and other files — and still have space leftover for your music collection. It’s the best way to keep computer crashes from becoming disasters. Think of it as hard drive insurance.

To use the Service, you must complete the Xdrive registration process, which is available at

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Best Webhosting Deal From Optimal Hosts



Our web hosting packages are suitable for everyone, from novices to technically advanced experts. The Optimal Hosts all-inclusive web hosting service consists of fast and stable servers (Dual Opteron 244™; 2 GB RAM; 2 x 250 GB HDDs in RAID 1), a user-friendly web hosting Control Panel, dedicated 24 x 7 customer support (via the phone or ticket), and last but not least, a few useful FREE bonuses such as the SiteStudio (a web design tool) and the Elefante Installer (management, e-commerce, etc. tools).

An Internet presence is becoming mandatory for the majority of companies. Register your own personal domain name for the sake of your business. By doing this, the online presence of your site(s) provided by us will give you the opportunity to join the ever-expanding global Internet network.

Free domain registration is offered with the purchase of all hosting plans. You save more than MYR 30.00 on domain registration.

All details:

Not all web hosting companies manage to accomplish what they have promised their clients. We work hard and strive not to end up on the list of such companies. The aim of Optimal Hosts, a member of the Optimal Solutions Network, is to offer quality service, which is beneficial for both parties: our clients and us.

Free domain transfer is offered with the purchase of all hosting plans. You save more than MYR 30.00 on domain transfer fee.

All details:

We welcome you to compare our hosting packages with other webhosting providers.

Business Plan – US$ 59.50/yr (less than MYR 220.00/yr)
Monthly Price /if paid annually, (less than MYR 18.50 per month)

15000 MB Data Storage
300 GB Data Transfer
1 Domain Hosted
SiteStudio – website builder
29 FREE pre-configured scripts
Anti-Virus & Spam protection
» Free Domain Name
» PHP, Perl, MySQL
» 5 FTP Accounts
» Multi-Language CP
» 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

All details:

Corporate Plan – US$ 110.00/yr (less than MYR 405.00/yr)
Monthly Price /if paid annually/ $ 9.17 (less than MYR 34.00 per month)

25000 MB Data Storage
400 GB Data Transfer
10 Domains Hosted
SiteStudio – website builder
29 FREE pre-configured scripts
Anti-Virus & Spam protection
» Free Domain Name
» PHP, Perl, MySQL
» 5 FTP Accounts
» Multi-Language CP
» 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

All details:

Optimal Hosts is a service provided by the Optimal Solutions Network, a Multinational web hosting company, headquartered in Fremont, California, USA. Our company aims at providing a large number of professional services in the following fields of activity: web hosting, domain registration and MOST of all, quality WORLDWIDE customer support which is second to none.

We are happy to show you the successful balance between a powerful web hosting service, easy content management solutions and advanced marketing tools – the all-in-one package for your personal or business website! Experience the combination of quality, reliability and user-friendliness!

Please take the complete tour at our website to find out more about the flexible web hosting solution that we offer.

All details:

Best regards,

The Team
Optimal Hosts – A member of the Optimal Solutions Network

US toll free phone: 1-800-574-0902
International phone: +1-510-870-2470
UK phone: +44-20-7993-2768

NOTE: Please tell our representative who’s on the other end of the line our ID 44445

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Aliran Monthly 26: 6 editor’s note

Aliran Monthly 26: 6 editor’s note      
Tuesday, 22 August 2006
6Our cover story focuses on the slide in ethnic relations in Malaysia. Johan Abdullah senses a rise in the number of worrying incidents that have affected ethnic relations. He goes on to review how the character of ethnic relations may have changed over the years and provides a new context for understanding ethnic relations.To better manage ethnic relations, we need to be aware of our own prejudices and to stretch the borders of the self. Reflecting on the controversial university ethnic relations course guidebooks, Wong Soak Koon argues that the course should instead stimulate critical thinking while examining the legacies of history. 

There are some lessons we can learn from India whose medieval society was more religiously tolerant and open, says Asghar Ali Engineer. But divide-and-rule colonial tactics and politically divisive forces have created communal and religious divisions in their competition for power, threatening India’s secularism in the process.   

In Malaysia, we are some way off from realising our vision of a Bangsa Malaysia. Ethnic-based economic policies are undermining this aspiration, warns Terence Gomez. Government policies should be universal in orientation, aimed at helping all in need, regardless of their ethnicity. 

So much money that could have been used to help the poor has been drained as a result of financial scandals. K J Khoo takes a thorough look at Bank Negara’s inexcusable and unexplained RM9.3 billion forex losses and raises several key questions that demand answers.  

Jeyakumar Devaraj, for his part, is perplexed by the Perak state government’s decision to raise water tariffs when the Perak Water Board has been making profits. Angeline Loh, meanwhile, points out that Penangites are totally fed up with the empty promises to improve bus services in the state.

Why don’t you subscribe to Aliran Monthly and get it delivered to your door-step every month? It costs just RM30 annually – less than your monthly newspaper bill!  Click here to subscribe.

Or why not support our struggle for justice by making a donation? Any amount, no matter how small, would be most welcome. Click here to donate.        


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Your search for a all in one webhosting provider ends here!

Get a domain name free for 1 year with the purchase of a hosting plan
Don’t have a technology staff to host, build and maintain your Web site? Don’t know if a simple or more robust Web hosting plan is right for you? Don’t worry. OptimalHosts offers proven hosting plans to fit your needs.

See what you get for less than MALAYSIAN RINGGIT 200 per year!!!
Data Storage 15000 MB
Data Transfer 300 GB
Domains Hosted 1
Setup fee FREE
Money back guarantee 30 days
FREE Domain Registration – You save more than MALAYSIAN RINGGIT 60 on domain registration and transfer fees!
24/7 customer support 
Phone support 
Extensive online documentation 
Integrated ticketing system 
1 Hour response guarantee 
Domains Hosted 1
Sub-domains 12
Custom MX and A records
Online website builder – Site Studio  
FrontPage Extensions support 
Elefante Free Scripts »
POP3 e-mail accounts 100
E-mail aliases 100
Mailing lists 5
SPAM filter 
E-mail filter 
Anti-Virus protection 
Web e-mail 
POP3 server 
SMTP server 
Autoresponder e-mails 
Catch-all e-mails 
E-mail forwarding
MySQL databases 1
Database storage 30 MB
Python support 
Perl support 
PHP support 
PHP support in HTML files 
Over 3400 Perl modules 
Crontab support 1
Advanced Control Panel 
FTP accounts 5
Web based file manager 
Custom ERROR 404 page 
Password protected directories 
Instant account activation 
SSL with certificate generation 
SSI support 
SSH support Optional
Unrestricted bandwidth 
Raw access and error logs 
Traffic stats – WebAlizer 
Detailed bandwidth stats 
Stable Linux with Apache 
2.5 GBits network connectivity 
Daily data back-up 
UPS & diesel back-up generator
++ Nominal Upgrade Prices

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