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Malaysia – an endemic surveillance country!

2006 International Privacy Survey

Privacy International (PI) is a human rights group formed in 1990 as a watchdog on surveillance and privacy invasions by governments and corporations. Recently, it issued the 2006 results of the ranking assessment of the state of privacy in the world. 

The aim of this survey was to find countries with nurtured privacy protection and respect for privacy. The survey does not want to humiliate the worst ranking countries but to show that good privacy environment is possible.

The best ranking countries are Germany and Canada with the healthiest privacy environment. The worst ranking countries of the survey are Malaysia and China. In EU, it is the United Kingdom.

CLICK TO SEE BIGGER IMAGE - 2006 Leading Surveilance Societies (mymalaysia)

Summary of key findings Continue reading

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Chinese New Year Zen

In Chinatowns across the world, one cannot fail to notice the ubiquitous statues of a cheerful rotund figure carrying a hemp sack. The Chinese call him “The Happy Chinaman” or “The Laughing Buddha”. That happy fellow, Pu-tai Ho-shang or “Hemp-bag monk”, was an eccentric Zen beggar priest who lived during the Tang Dynasty. In Japan, he is called Hotei (literally “cloth bag”) and is one of the seven lucky gods. He is supposedly the only member of Japan’s Seven Lucky Gods based on an actual person. He is sometimes mistaken for the historical Buddha Shakyamuni. It is believed that rubbing his pot-belly will bring about wealth, good luck and prosperity. He is considered by many as the patron saint of restaurateurs and bartenders.
 Although he was a Zen master, he did not wished to be called one nor he wanted any disciples. Instead, he would walk the streets with his linen sack full of candies, fruits, doughnuts and other goodies. He would give those to the poor and needy and to the children who gather around him to play. The streets were his kindergartens.
 Whenever he met a Zen devotee, he would extend his hand and say: “Give me a dime.” And if anyone asked him to return to a temple to teach others, again he would reply: “Give me a dime.”
 One day, another Zen master chanced upon him and inquired: “What is the significance of Zen?”
 Hotei immediatly plopped his sack down on the ground in silent answer.
 “Then,” asked the other, “what is the actualisation of Zen?”
 Immediately, the Happy Chinaman swung the sack over his shoulder and continued on his way.
 Anak Malaysia wishes all Chinese “Kong Hee Fatt Choy (Gong Xi Fa Cai)”.

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10 Time Saving Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel

[livevideo id=2FE701D39EBA461FAD075C35A8CCAB2B]

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JPJ (RTD) Vehicles Registration Info

Malaysian Vehicle License Plates Series as at Noon Fri Feb 9, 2007

Perak AFY4975
Selangor BJJ9610
Selangor BJK102
Pahang CBY321
Kelantan DBA6425
Johor JKD2602
Kedah KCA4833
Langkawi KV4381C
Labuan LC5020
Melaka MBK7483
N Sembilan NBW4814
Pulau Pinang PHD8350
Kuching QAH2191
Sri Aman QBA2524
K Samarahan QCB8021
Limbang QLA607
Miri QMK9470
Kapit QP3672
Sarikei QRD4234
Sibu QSN5415
Bintulu QTE7124
Perlis RG6127
Kota Kinabalu SAA8544N
Beaufort SB5521A
Lahad Datu SD1440D
Kudat SK6072
Sandakan SS3059K
Tawau ST5058K
Keningau SU6784A
Terengganu TAN4489
Kuala Lumpur WPV4755
Kuala Lumpur WPW102

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Questions, anyone?

Asking questions is a fundamental part of finding information and for subtle (and otherwise) persuasion. Here are various pages on questioning:

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Malaysian Ancestry Matters

by Neil Khor 
In an inspiring documentary produced by Discovery Channel tracing the origins of the human ‘Eve’, archeologist Dr Zurainah Majid established that the present-day Negritos are the descendants of the earliest human migrants from coastal Africa. This is based on mitocondrial DNA (which can only be inherited through the female of the species) as well as material history.

Does this mean that the Negritos, being the first inhabitants of a geographic space that is now known as Malaysia, are the real ‘bumiputera’? Historians would have us believe that a second wave of migration from the Asian mainland saw the displacement of the Negritos by another group, also known as the Proto-Malays. Today, we do not distinguish between the two groups and collectively call them all Orang Asli – the original peoples.
Continue reading

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Bacaan Liberalisme (Readings in Liberalism)

Readings in Liberalism, a collection of thought and ideas on classic liberalism, has recently been translated into Bahasa Melayu. Bacaan Liberalisme contains 13 chapters including Friedrich August von Hayek: FIKSYEN KEADILAN SOSIAL; John Locke: SERUAN UNTUK TOLERANSI; and David Hume: KEPENTINGAN DIRI DAN KEADILAN as examples. These chapters can be downloaded as an individual chapter or as an entire collection.

Bacaan Liberalisme
Dipilih, diperkenal dan diberi catatan tambahan oleh Detmar Doering

Download as PDF: 

 All texts (Bacaan Liberalisme – 87 pages)

 Chapter by chapter:  
 William Leggett: HAK RAKYAT
 Friedrich August von Hayek: FIKSYEN KEADILAN SOSIAL
 Robert Nozick: UTOPIA


Source: Friedrich Naumann Stiftung

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Hot 2007

Your 2007 global weather forecast!

Deepening drought in Australia. Stronger typhoons in Asia. Floods in Latin America.

The warmest year on record is 1998, when the average global temperature was 0.52 degrees Celsius (1.2 degrees Fahrenheit) higher than the long-term average of 14 degrees C (57 F). Though such a change appears small, incremental differences can, for example, add to the ferocity of storms by evaporating more steam off the ocean.

There is a 60 percent chance that the average global temperature for 2007 will match or break that record, Britain’s Meteorological Office said Thursday. The consequences of the high temperatures could be felt worldwide.

“Even a moderate (El Nino) warming event is enough to push the global temperatures over the top,” said Phil Jones, director of the Climatic Research unit at the University of East Anglia.

Many scientists expect temperatures will rise by 2 to 6 degrees Celsius (4 to 11 degrees Fahrenheit) this century, mainly as a result of carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels for power and transport. Some say such global warming could cause the polar ice caps to partly melt, sea levels to rise and weather patterns to change, bringing floods, famines and violent storms and putting millions of lives at risk. Others call such a view unduly alarmist.

The Meteorological Office said El Niño, a phenomenon in the tropical Pacific blamed for disrupting weather patterns, would continue for the first few months of 2007. It noted that because there is a time lag between El Niño and its full effect on surface temperatures, its influence will therefore be felt well into the year.

Sources: AP / Reuters

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