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Enhance Your YouTube Experience

A collection of several YouTube third party tools to enhance your YouTube experience

  • YouTube Userscripts – a collection of scripts to perform several tasks with YouTube.

  • Youtube Video Slideshow – insert a username or a video tag below and it starts a slideshow.

  • fTube – a YouTube player that downloads the list of 25 most recent videos featured on the YouTube front page. The user can select a video from the list and hit the play button to play it in-Flash.

  • TubeCH – YouTube flash player.

  • iTube – grab Youtube videos, then convert and import them into iTunes. Requires .Net framework and works exclusively on Windows.

  • PodTube – a Mac OS X program, downloads, encodes, and adds YouTube videos to your iTunes library but requires Safari to fetch the videos.

  • TvTube – For Mac users. Allows you to browse YouTube, Google Video and Yahoo Videos, for movie clips that people upload, choose your favorite clips and add them to your shared library.

  • YouTube API – XML Feed Ripper – PHP script that taps into the YouTube API to deliver videos by tag, by username or what’s a current favorite.

  • YouTube Widget – brings all of YouTubes videos to your Mac Dashboard.

  • Search The Tube – A quick way to find videos for your website, blog or profile.

  • YoutubeCrazyVideos – A Youtube videos desktop player. Freeware.

  • IndexTube – categorized and browsable index of the publicly available Youtube videos.

  • YouTube Podcaster – makes Podcast feed from your submitted keyword or url. The feed is made up from embedded youtube video IDs and all videos are converted to the MP4 file format.

  • MemoriesOnWeb – freeware photo slideshow software for YouTube.

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