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Acerose Password Vault



The Acerose Password Vault provides you with an easy way to organize and keep all your passwords both safe and secure. In this technological age, passwords are the means of keeping all your on-line assets safe from attack, be they e-mail, retirement accounts, on-line banking, web site control, or tax filings. The problem is that most people use a few easy to remember passwords and then reuse them over and over. With Acerose Password Vault you only need to remember one strong password or passphrase to open the vault file. This frees you to use strong automatically generated passwords for all your other needs.    Screenshots:

Some may ask, why develop another password manager program when there are so many free programs of this type already available? The answer becomes obvious when you consider that such programs need to keep your password information both safe and secure. In reviewing password manager programs already on the market we discovered the vast majority emphasize the secure part, but neglect the safe part. What good is a password manager program that loses or corrupts your password information? The Acerose Password Vault is designed to be both safe and secure. In addition, many password manager programs include their own handy, but flawed password generator. Acerose Password Vault includes a built-in cryptographic quality password generator, so you can have confidence your passwords are truly strong. 



Many features to maximize the safe storage of passwords.


Secure storage of passwords: At the heart of the Acerose Password Vault is a streaming cipher built upon the SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm 1). The SHA-1 is the basis for all federally approved digital signature algorithms.

Create strong passwords easily with a cryptographic quality password generator. The password generator is highly configurable and graphically displays the approximate strength of the setting you choose.

The auto manager feature allows many users to run the Acerose Password Vault program from a single network location. The advantage of using a network location is that you have access to your passwords from any PC on the network. Hundreds of users can create and access their passwords without needing to know of or coordinate with other users. Of course, you can run it on a single PC if that’s what you want.

The multiple action launch lets you launch (open) a web page and copy the corresponding password to the clipboard with a single click. This feature is highly configurable and includes the ability to use scripts as part of the URL, as well as clear the clipboard after a selectable delay.

You can also chain one vault file to another, which lets you separate passwords of one purpose from others using a master vault to open other vaults.

You can sort all the passwords by any of the six columns just by clicking on the column’s heading. You can select just what columns you want to view as well as their order and width.

Selectable Tray options lets you use the Acerose Password Vault program as a tray application. You can choose to close and/or minimize to the tray, or neither. You can also choose to require a password to view the program’s contents when it’s restored from the tray.

You can import and export tab or comma delimited files. If you’re already using some means of storing passwords electronically, you may be able to export them from that software into a tab or comma delimited file and then import them into the Acerose Password Vault program.

Works with Windows® 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Price: FREE 


Acerose Password Vault 

Executable Version [1.02 MB]:

This file is a self-extracting installation program that installs the Acerose Password Vault Version 1.0.2. This Windows® program requires Windows® 95, 98, ME, NT 4.x, 2000, XP, or 2003. Download the file to any directory on your local hard drive. To install, quit all other programs and then run the apvsetup.exe program.


Click link to begin downloading: apvsetup.exe 


Zipped Version [888 KB]:

The Acerose Password Vault Version 1.0.2 is made up of just three files plus a ReadMe file, so as an alternative you can download the following zip file to your local hard drive, unzip it and launch the program directly. It’s the same exact files as delivered by the full install above, but without the entry in the Start menu, desktop icon, or uninstall. If you need help creating a desktop icon just follow the instructions in the included ReadMe.txt file.

Click this link to begin downloading:


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