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Naruto – The Movie 1

Japanese Animated Movie With English Subtitles
Running Time: 1 hr 22 min 21 sec

Naruto Movie Plot

Set in the Snow country, this movie looks to be a stand-alone adventure that will feature no or little relevance to the main Naruto plotline in the manga or anime. The story will follow the plight of the leader of the Snow Country, his young daughter and his younger brother. Originally, the ruler of this small, ice covered country was a bespectacled man named Kazehana Sousetsu, who had helped keep the country peaceful and had ambitions to let his daughter rule the country when he had retired. 

However, his younger brother Dotou was also keen to take the throne and he revolted against Sousetsu to take control of the Snow country. Tragically, Sousetsu was killed, but as he died he gave a precious crystal to his daughter, named Koyuki, who then fled the country. At this time, a younger ANBU-member Kakashi was also in the Snow country fulfilling some mission, and it may be logical to assume that he helped the girl to desert her homeland. Ten years later, and back in the present, the new ruler of the Snow country, Dotou, is trying to strengthen his country’s military forces in order to challenge the power of the 5 Great Shinobi countries.

Back in the Leaf Village, it is some time after the end of the Chuunin exam, and Kakashi’s Team 7 are given a new mission, the first one they’ve worked together on for a long time. The duty assigned to the team is to escort a popular but selfish actress called Fujimi Yuki to the Snow country where she is to film a new movie, the last in the ‘Adventures of the Unlucky Princess’ series, even though she is reluctant to go and walks out of the studio. Eventually she is persuaded to go, but the reception she recieves in the Snow country is far from friendly.

Their enemies in the movie are called Mizore, Nadare and Fubuki (whose names translate to Sleet, Avalanche and Snow-Storm) who are dressed in special suits that allow them to utilise snow-based attacks, particularly with the mechanical looking devices on their arms. They attack the actress and Team 7 at once, but there seems to be some relation between their attack and the girl Koyuki, who went missing ten years previously…

The movie will also feature a second, smaller story about an athletic competition that will be held in the Leaf Village, featuring Team 7 and many of the Leaf Genin.

Voice Talent
Haruno Sakura – Nakamaru Chie
Hatake Kakashi – Inoue Kazuhiko
Uzumkai Naruto – Takeuchi Junko
Uchiha Itachi – Ishikawa Eirou
Uchiha Sasuke – Sugiyama Noriaki

Production Staff
Story and characters: Masashi Kishimoto
Director: Hayato Date
Character Design: Hirofumi Suzuki, Tetsuya Nishio
Music: Toshiro Masuda
Music Production: TV Tokyo Music
Production: Studio Pierrot, TV Tokyo

The Naruto Movie Review

The original NARUTO was a manga by Masahi Kishimoto, published in the Weekly Shonen Jump. It has been made into a popular TV anime series, and is now on the silver screen in a theatrical version. The interaction between the new guest character and the main character Naruto, who packs a punch with his super-ninja skills, make for an entertaining movie that I would recommend to even those who are not fans of the original manga or TV series.
Naruto (played by Takeuchi Junko) is a mischievous boy who is always trying his hardest to succeed. As an apprentice ninja in the Konoha village of the “Fire Country”, Naruto is asked to carry out various missions for his village. However, while they call themselves ninjas, they possess almost superpowers, which comes from a kind of spirit energy called chakra. The spirit of a demon fox was sealed in to Naruto as a young child, and this energy becomes the source of Naruto, his hidden power.

This time, the teams mission is to be bodyguards for the selfish singer Yukie, and they set out to the Country of Snow to do so. But Todou, who has hijacked the country by killing his brother, the benevolent ruler of the Snow Village, is after Yukie, and sends the legendary three Snow Ninjas, who have special armour, to capture her.

In the action scenes, the characters use fire and ice to battle each other with unbelievable speed, lending to the grandeur of the theatrical version. Director Okumura, who directed most of the TV anime action scenes, gives us another series of stunning fight scenes that really pack a punch. On top of that, the fight scenes do not overdo the blood and gore either, which is also refreshing.

But the real focus of this movie is Yukie. Even as her loved ones die around her, she barely shows any sign of emotion. Instead, she remains as cool as the Snow Village she is from, always pessimistic. In contrast, no matter what obstacle Naruto may face, he never gives up. Yukie is touched by Naruto’s fiery spirit, which helps her find her true self. Through their interaction, we can observe a subtle change in Yukie’s gloomy personality.

The refined way in which Yukie’s feelings and attitudes toward Naruto are presented is also a point of interest. She regards him with the aloofness of an adult to a child, but underneath this we can see through to something more. The strenuous fights and spirited battles in this film really set the stage for the theatrical feel of the movie.


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