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Toll Briefs

Toll Hikes (mymalaysia)- Pic courtesy: Malaysiakini

Google Map Base. Pic courtesy Malaysiakini

Samy Vellu (mymalaysia)

Works Minister, Samy Vellu. Pic courtesy Sun2Surf


Some toll related stuff at the blogosphere: 

LDP – RM1.60 (previously RM1)
KESAS – RM2.20 (previously RM1.50)
Cheras-Kajang, Batu 9 – RM 1 (previously 70 sen)
Cheras-Kajang, Batu 11, 90 sen (previously 60 sen )
KL-Karak-Gombak – RM5
KL-Karak-Bentong – RM3 (previously RM2.50)
Guthrie Corridor – RM1.40 (previously RM1)

UPDATE: Brace yourselves, for the toll rates for the following highways will come under “review” for 2008, and you know what are the results of reviews, always a hike!

North South Highway (Plus)
Ampang-Kuala Lumpur Elevated Highway
North South Expressway Central Link (Elite)
Seremban-Port Dickson Highway
New North Klang Straits Bypass (Shahpadu)
Malaysia-Singapore Second Link
Butterworth-Kulim Expressway
Penang Bridge.

Ahh… his famous “We are still the cheapest in the region” but never in reference to our BELOW PAR salary. I will never ever forget his most famous statement in reply to toll rate protests… “Why not ask for 2sen toll?”.
Thank you BN. Sometimes I wonder, it is good we gain independence from the British..? Our beloved country has been ruined by a bunch of Monkeys.. Look at our neighbour Singapore and Hong Kong, what they are now after gaining independence from the UK? They are much better developed than us.. and our G still staying this cheaper, that cheaper bla bla… ALL BULLSHIT. I thk our G really don’t listen to the Public voices. They just do what they think ‘RIGHT’. Building the tallest building, sport complex in UK, sending someone to make roti canai in space, protecting ‘OUR PRIDE’ national car etc..


This and more at: Paul Tan

For whom might the road toll be
Of course it tolls for thee
After all, ‘tis a time of goodwill
From us, the cronies pockets are yet to fillIt’s no use to protest about the highway robbery
Because they have the power, they can tax you with impunity
With increases in all the basic expenses of crony necessities
They have to play off, instead of gold, with only silver Golf club tees

The government will announce on Dec 14 a sharp rise in road toll rates
On this announcement there shall be no debate
You suckers exist only to pay and pay and pay more
To conform with the financial ambition we have put in store

Bumiputera, remember this is done for your religion and race
Cina-kuis, this is done so that you shall all know your place
Semi-value and their kelings are also included
Except for UMNO putras, to the real cash you are excluded.

One effect of this, is the modest 60% toll fee rise
Using our approved methodology, we devised this ringgit making surprise
So you all pay your tolls and go your happy way
For Semi-value, cronies, laughing to the bank, they are Semua-nya OK!
Don`t question the noble intentions of the holy man who runs this country with an elegant silence.


This and more at: Malaysia-Today 

I’ve been staying in Thailand for 9 years and there are NO tolls on Thai HIGHWAYS. The tolls are only in Bangkok Metropolitan areas and there-abouts. You can drive from Bukit Kayu Hitam to Bangkok without paying one Baht, so Samy Vellu making a comparison with Thailand is telling only half the story.

There are NO TOLLS too in Beijing, shanghai, guangzhou, as same region areas equal to KLANG VAlley!
The government seems to forget that driving in the Klang Valley is a necessity rather than a luxury, and the highway system is an essential service, much akin to water,eletricity and the phone. The rise in the toll charges is a classical example of privatisation or rather ‘piratisation’ that has terribly gone wrong. In the hey days of the old administration, all and sundry essential services, were privatised. Legions of businessmen would descend on the EPU to submit their proposals.Some of these were original proposals, while others were pliagarised from projects that were submitted by others. It would not be wrong to say that many of these projects were quoted at inflated prices. This is what happens when you have a closed tender system. The ‘winners’ represented the cream de la cream of the Malaysian corporate world, and most had very close connections to the ruling party. Profits were skimmed off in the following fashion.


1. Inflated construction costs; Often these construction companies were affliated to the primary company or connected to the directors and shareholders.

2. Payoffs to various authorities ( You now what I mean) for quick approval. Did the regulatory authorities conduct a due diligent study on the anticipated traffic volume as submitted by the project proposers?

3. Guarantees by the government to compensate for any shortfalls. Who were the guarantors? None other than the poor taxpayers and road users . The government is now holding both these parties to ransom, with statements that if the toll
charges are not increased than the burden falls on the tax payer.How can the tax payer or road user be blamed, when both these parties were in the dark regarding these ‘closed door’ negotiations.

This same modus operandi was used in the negotiations for a host of other ‘piratised’ projects including the IPPs, Indah Water and Syabas.

It is unfortunate that the brunt of this failed piratisation exercise, will now fall on the shoulders of the average man on the street. The cost of living will increase for the average Joe and Jane.

The cronies who siphoned off the the profits at the early stage of construction, are laughing their way to the bank.

No wonder all the high end luxury bungalows in the Klang Valley ( prices from 2.5 to 10 million)and million dollar condominiums near the KLCC are being snapped up.

What we are now witnessing is a ROBIN HOOD IN REVERSE.
The reason why we are in this situation is that the toll operators have taken us all for a ride abetted by our government. It starts with a company proposing to the government a “new highway”. They will give projections of traffic flow and cost of construction, which are both heavily inflated. The government will then guarantee that should the traffic flow be anything less, then the toll operators will be compensated. At that time all officials would have been on study tours
to look at highways in many countries,and are on a first name basis with officials of the company. They are thoroughly convinced that the traffic figures are very conservative and there’s no way that the government will be called upon to make good the difference. Then comes the construction. The contract will be given to their own subsidiary company and the cost will be inflated, thus making lots of profit for their construction arm. So, even before the road is opened, profits are already reaped by the company! Of course these companies do a lot of social work, like making huge donations, especially near the general elections.

This and more at: Jeffooi 

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  1. MORE PICTURES TOLL HIKE Protest PROTEST at Bandar Mahkota Cheras; 800 ANGRY Resident Backed by 4 MPS, 2 Assemblymen With Reps from PAS & Keadilan; BN Component parties MEMBERS “Too SHAMEFUL” to Attend: SAMY is So KIND: NO Toll for LIFE – So Toll increased By NOT Extending the Concession Period – Another Samy Spin From Venezula.

    Comment by multidimid | Monday, December 18, 2006 | Reply

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