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Willing buyer, submarines and C4 explosives

US$100 million (RM354.9 million) commission for the purchase of two submarines in 2002.

“The commission was given by the foreign supplier to the company. We do not have a say in the matter, we were a willing buyer. We were a willing partner in the transaction.” – Deputy Defence Minister Datuk Zainal Abidin Zin

“If the seller is paying, it simple means he is paying from the payment made by the buyer. In any case, why can’t the government buy direct instead of through an agent? What was the Ministers kick back. Surely Razak would have to share his profit with someone?” – Mr Smith

“For such a big purchase involving more than RM350 million, why must the Ministry of Defence go through a middleman or commission agent? … And the commission paid is stupendous. … but don’t ever forget it is the taxpayer who ultimately has to bear the costs of the commission.” – DontPlayGod

“…Anyone really cares about public money by the billions? you mean no one in the Ministry of defence know anything about the market that need a nobody to buy it and sell it to the govt? if we check properly, most other govt purchases are done through this method…” – greatly

“As this procurement took place between the Malaysian Government and a private company in the EU, this amount seems to be over inflated. If it is true indeed, that Armaris paid voluntarily then this could amount to breach of Criminal Law Convention on Corruption, Article 7 or 8 of the European Treaty Series No. 173.” – Libertyuk

This and more at: Malaysia – Today


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