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“Malaysia tightens pro-Malay policy”?!

What is the point of tightening the pro-malay policy if the one who’s been working hard to make Malaysia a better country are the non-malay, me being a malay myself I felt a little ashamed of this total “whack” policy. While the Chinese, Indians and others studying and working their butt off to make a living in Malaysia with a little help from the government, the Malays are just being too spoiled and lazy to make and efforts at all. To make a country better in any way at all, there should not be such policy, no special treatment to anyone, those who worked should get what they deserve and those who didn’t should be left alone no matter who they are. I came to london 5 years ago and still living here but all Malays that I met came with an excuse of studying and using the money that the government gave to them for something useless and they are also the rich malays’s kids who came like they own London without any respect for others. SO why the hell should “these” Malays should be given these special treatment when they just going to waste it.

Source: Japan Today


Friday, December 15, 2006 - Posted by | Commentary, Issues

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