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Road tax lowered

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced yesterday that road tax for all privately-owned cars would be reduced by between 4% and 33%, effective tomorrow.

The reduction also applies to seven other categories of vehicles, depending on engine capacity. They are company-owned cars, private- or company-owned vehicles other than cars, motorcycles, taxis, hire cars, buses and commercial goods vehicles.

Source: The Star

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Invention of the Year – YouTube

One year ago, this would not have been possible, but the world has changed. In the past 12 months, thousands of ordinary people have become famous. Famous people have been embarrassed. Huge sums of money have changed hands. Lots and lots of Mentos have been dropped into Diet Coke. The rules are different now, and one website changed them: YouTube.
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50 Cent – P.I.M.P

P.I.M.P (Censored)

P.I.M.P (Uncensored)

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Freedom of Expression in 2006: A review

The following is a chronological listings of Freedom of Expression violations that have occurred in 2006

1. Political interference in China Press on the grounds of unethical reporting

Using the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984, the Internal Security Ministry requested that Chinese-language daily China Press show cause why action should not be taken against them for an inaccurate report. Two editors resigned due to the action, which had the knock-on effect of intimidating other media from reporting on potential abuses of power by the police.

2. Raid on ‘Paul’s Place’ on New Year’s Eve

A punk music gig was raided on New Year’s Eve with 388 young people arrested. Initially, they were told that they were arrested for attending a ‘black metal’ concert. This was not illegal at the time. They were later told that they were being arrested for being at an unlicensed venue. However, people who were not in the venue were also arrested. The aftermath of the raid saw inaccurate and fanciful reporting on the gig, targeting a marginalised group.

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Saddam Hussein Videos

Born - April 28, 1937 ; Executed - December 29, 2006 (mymalaysia)Born - April 28, 1937 ; Executed - December 29, 2006 (mymalaysia)


BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — Saddam Hussein, the former dictator of Iraq who spent his last years in captivity after his ruthless Baathist regime was toppled from power by the U.S.-led coalition in 2003, has been executed — hanged for crimes during a brutal crackdown during his reign. A witness said Hussein was defiant to the end, arguing with guards and refusing to wear a hood to be hanged.

Hussein was hanged before dawn Saturday in Iraq at about 6 a.m. (10 p.m. Friday ET), according to one of Hussein’s lawyers.

Saddam Hussein will be buried Sunday in the same Tikrit cemetery as his sons, the son of a tribal leader said.

The Execution


Watch masked executioners place noose around the neck of Saddam Hussein. 



This video shows Saddam Hussein being hanged from the vantage of a witness using his or her cellphone. This shows almost everything — except for the snap of the neck, viewer discretion advised.


Watch it here:


Quicktime Movie File [6.77MB] Runtime: 00:02:38


Saddam execution leaked from cellphone video

WMV File [3.91 MB]  NOTE: This media item was rejected for public listing 

Graphic cellphone video

Graphic cellphone video – translated

Translation of Arabic subtitles accompanying the latest execution footage when broadcast on al-Jazeera TV station:

[Saddam] Oh God.

[Voices] May God’s blessings be upon Muhammad and his household.

[Voices] And may God hasten their appearance and curse their enemies.

[Voices] Moqtada [Al-Sadr]…Moqtada…Moqtada.

[Saddam] Do you consider this bravery?

[Voice] Long live Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr.

[Voice] To hell.

[Voice] Please do not. The man is being executed. Please no, I beg you to stop.

[Saddam] There is no God but Allah and I testify that Muhammad is the messenger of God. There is no God but Allah and I testify that Muhammad…

At this point the video stops and the sound of the trapdoors opening is heard in the background.

 Click this to view the BBC streaming video with translated text of verbal exchanges at the execution

Hussein’s body wrapped in shroud
Video captured by cell phone contains graphic content.


Iraqis dance in the street
Video showing Iraqis celebrating in the streets of Najaf, a Shiite holy city.


Hussein’s final moments 
Iraq’s national security adviser describes the final moments before Saddam Hussein’s execution. 


Hussein – A Brutal Dictator
Saddam Hussein’s brutal acts against his people in his 20-year rule.

Hussein death impact
Probable  impact of Saddam Hussein’s execution

Hussein timeline
From Peasant to President

Hussein’s legacy
Legacy of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Hussein spider hole capture
Report on Saddam Hussein’s capture in a spider hole.

Source: Various

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Tech Savvy Tourist Goes 8000 Miles Off Course

Technology can certainly make planning air travel (slightly) easier, but not when you check your common sense and organic brain power at the gate. A twenty-one year old German tourist planned to take a trip to Sydney, Australia, but wound up 8,077 miles off-course — headed instead for the small oil town of Sydney, Montana, after mistyping his destination into a flight booking Web site. The man didn’t notice anything was wrong until he was about to board a flight from Portland to chilly Montana, dressed in summer vacation clothes. Not only did the man trust the website a little too completely, his mother didn’t notice the mistake because she trusted her son’s techno savvy, saying he was “usually good with computers.” Good with computers perhaps — but apparently not so good at the simple task of actually reading his itinerary.

Source: Techdirt

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Flowers Wallpapers – 1

Click on any image to view full-sized (1024×768) wallpaper


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Snowman stabbers, Grinch snatchers and Wreath-robbing weasels

There’s nobody nice on this Christmas list: snowman stabbers, Grinch snatchers, wreath-robbing weasels. ‘Tis the season for strange crimes by even stranger people, with police blotters expanding faster than a 6-year-old’s wish list of gifts.

David Allen Rodgers, 42, was arrested Dec. 3 for driving while intoxicated – at the wheel of a float during the annual Christmas parade in Anderson, S.C. According to witnesses, Rodgers sped down Main Street in the Steppin’ Out Dance Studio float with 19 people aboard, ran a red light and led police on a 3-mile chase.

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