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Umno shouldn’t blame others

Nov 16, 06 4:22pm

UMNO logo
Umno has a forked tongue and the way it talks is full of arrogance. They know the other BN partners are effeminate and won’t dare challenge them. The keris, in full view in front of everyone as the Umno Youth head made his speech during the current Umno AGM, was there as a warning.

Umno says speaking out against them (Umno) is equivalent to ‘creating rifts in a multi-cultural country’ and they say those who do so ‘will have no place in this country”. But they (Umno) can say anything, anytime..Umno keeps repeating the same rhetoric and blames others of playing racial politics. It’s like a thief standing right in the middle of a market place and calling everyone else a thief..‘Issues of religion and race are debated without rational consideration,’ said the Umno Youth chief most emotionally. ‘Don’t play around, or challenge the position of the Malays and Islam in the country,’ he adds.

Gosh! Who is doing that? The Article 11 people are only talking about their rights as citizens of this country as guaranteed by the Constitution. How on earth does that challenge Umno? The right to a religion of one’s choice is a basic human rights. Where did that go to? Has it evaporated?

Umno continues: ‘The income disparity between bumiputeras and non-bumiputeras is worrisome … presently, the ‘Malay economy’ is growing at two percent, while the ‘non-Malay economy’ is growing at six percent’.

But who is it to be blamed for that? All the thousands of Class F contractors keep getting so many projects. Those appointed to government councils, boards and commissions break all the rules they are supposed to uphold and loot and squander the people’s resources inside out.

They get all the licences and permits then built palaces, drive expensive cars, have colossal ‘kenduris’, fo on expensive holidays, wear designer clothes and spend, spend, spend the people’s money without any portion of it being reinvested for a rainy day or for future generations.

So why blame others? Why blame those who never got any of the luxuries the Umnoputras are generously showered with? The non-Malays work very hard to create wealth for themselves. Must they still feel guilty. Oh, that is really funny.

If this is the trend, then the Umnoputras will really never learn from their own mistakes. BN days are really over.



Friday, November 17, 2006 - Posted by | Commentary

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