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One small fly to spoil the whole pot of soup

It just takes one wrong ingredient to spoil a whole pot of good soup. It just takes one silly arsehole to wreak the good mood of a whole community. I don’t know and I don’t think I will ever know what goes through the minds of some smart alecs when they decide on something. Is it to show that they are a grain smarter than the rest of us or is it to show they are a speck brighter than you and me. I surely agreed with a certain Member of Parliament when he remarked recently that,

If you have nothing smart to say, don’t say anything and let people see your stupidity.

The gist is they will look smarter if they kept their big smelly mouths shut and sealed. Did they think twice before uttering nonsense or was it uttered after much thought, thinking that people will say, “waah, you so wise and terror hor? Like that also you can think. I also cannot!” What the hell do they take the public for? Some ignorant, uneducated dociles? It’s the 21st. century for my knees’s sake! People have their own minds. They know what is wrong and what is right.

First some “smarter than thou” came up with the idea that it is not proper to celebrate DeepaRaya. I don’t know why or how they came to this conclusion that calling it Deeparaya is against their beliefs. It’s just a word coined up to project the multi-raciality of this country. Why make a fuss out of it. Will celebrating the 2 festivities together “havocise” their beliefs and all those who celebrate Hari Raya will abandon their celebration and duties to join the Deepavali celebrations? Cummm Monnnnnlah. I don’t believe their commitments towards their faith are so shallow that they cannot withstand even this little test.

Then when I read helen’s entry this morning, she highlighted this post which I qoute in part here.

Confirmed. An official of the Syariah Department at Takaful Malaysia has confirmed issuing an e-mail discouraging the Muslim staff of the public-listed company from wishing its customers “Happy Deepavali” as it was against the syariat.

What can I say, except, APA KONKEK INI?!

Happy DEEPARAYA to everyone!

Now did that alter your religious beliefs in any small way?



Thursday, October 12, 2006 - Posted by | Commentary, Issues

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