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Takaful Vacation Scheme. Are Kafirs Allowed To Join?

Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Bhd today launched another new product called Skim Takaful Percutian, which will provide coverage to participants and family members when they are on vacation both locally and overseas. Its chief executive officer Md Azmi Abu Bakar said that the new product under the general takaful business presented an opportunity to all levels to participate as the contributions are as low as RM10, RM20 and RM30.

I’ve got nothing against this plan, in fact I think it’s a good one. But ever since a corporate Ayatollah at Takaful sent out a semi-fatwa masquerading as ‘advice’ about not greeting kafirs, during their religious festivals, I thought it best to clarify certain things with Takaful.

Firstly do you encourage these kafirs to take policies and products sold by you? If yes why is that not haram but greeting them is? I’m really not too concerned about the validity or the logic behind the semi-fatwa; that is a matter for the theologians to pronounce on. I’m only thinking if it is ok for ‘them’ to come on ‘Takaful-insured’ vacations with the ‘halal crowd’ or whether you will be putting in place certain segregatory practices ala South Africa or pre-Martin Luther King Jr US deep south? This way you can ensure that some of the faithful by mistake don’t wish ‘them’ Happy Deepavalli or Kong Xi Fa Cai or God forbid, Merry Christmas!

Since this news of your semi-fatwa broke out you have not directly addressed the issue. Good. It shows that you stand up for what you say, unlike those cowards in ASLI. However do you think that you can survive in the long term by pissing off these kafirs? According to the government they are the guys with the big bucks while the faithful have only about 18% of the nation’s wealth most of it held by the government as ‘proxy.’ What if they boycott your products and services? Do you have contingency plans? Or do you intend to focus on the halal crowd and be more Islamic in your sale of future products by giving them long Arabic names and underwriting vacation packages to only places where the kafirs would not dare to follow, like madrassahs in Pakistan? There are some interesting religious sites in Bangladesh too and with a name like Takaful you’ll most certainly be welcome there.

Finally please keep up the good work and remember even if your corporate strategies bomb and should you by any chance go bankrupt you can always scream ‘bumiputra’ and the government will surely come to your rescue. After all if it doesn’t help a wira demi bangsa, agama dan negara like you, who can it help?



Wednesday, October 11, 2006 - Posted by | Commentary, Issues

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