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Singapore Has every Right to Comment

Our former P.M, Tun Mahathir once said that
he would call spade a spade and that he would not
hesitate to criticise or condemn any nation that in
his opinion had faltered.In this vein he had
unhesitatingly criticise U.S for their role in the
middle east, the Israels in their conflict with the
Paletines, the insurgents in the southern Thailand,and
to a certain extent even Singapore whenever there was
a need to find a bogeyman to justify our shortcomings
.So if our leaders has no hesitation in criticising
every one and sundry whenever they feel like it what
is the rationale for not been able to accept criticism
from a foreign perspective?
Our leaders must accept the fact that the
right to speak the truth is not the exclusive domain
of our leaders alone.Others who view our system and
our citizens been harshly treated have every right to
voice their misgivings.More so with Singapore
especially where the citizens of both countries have
an embryonic,historical relationship.Most Singaporeans
have relatives in Malaysia and vice versa.How the govt
treats its subject in Malaysia invariably is felt by
the citizens of Singapore because of this close
It would be foolish for our leaders to deny that
what M.M Lee Kuan Yew said is not true.By the act of
denial our leaders are merely prolonging and
accentuating the disunity that is currently prevailing
in our country.However, M.M LKY is guilty of one
important ommission.The chinese are not the only
people being marginalised.The Indians, the aborigines,
and the rural malays should also be included in the
marginalised community.Quite obviously, the
beneficiaries have been the elite, politically
connected malays that have been in power for the last
49 years.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006 - Posted by | Commentary


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