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KJ, Hisham did not apologise, why should LKY?

In demanding for an apology from Lee Kuan Yew, Malaysian leaders are asking for something which is out of line in their own practice.

On Malaysian leaders: Kuan Yew must apologise

Peter: The headlines in malaysiakini, Malaysian leaders: Kuan Yew must apologise, really amused me. The leaders are asking for something which is out of line in their own practice. 

There are umpteen times where our leaders, particularly Umno, had made derogatory remarks that are hurtful to the non-Malays, especially the Chinese. And yet they found it fit not to apologise.

The latest one being Hishammuddin Hussein Onn and Ong Tee Kiat, with the education minister accusing Ong of trying to be a champion for the Chinese community. Having proven that the school had been shortchanged in the repair work, Hishammuddin did not even utter a word of apology. Then Khairy made the infamous remark regarding the Chinese seeking to exploit the split within Umno. He, too, did not apologise to the Chinese community.

As far as I am concern, I have never come across any of our leaders ever apologising for obvious mistakes or remarks made. Thus, I do not see any reason why Lee Kuan Yew need to offer an apology for a remark that is too obvious.

IM Koo: First of all, what Harry Lee Kuan Yew said is a fact known to the great majority of non-bumi in Malaysia. So, why the big fuss over someone uttering a common knowledge? It is not as if LKY has planted a new seed.

Secondly, what LKY had said does not have the capacity to incite the Chinese people in Malaysia. To begin with, the Chinese in Malaysia are not easily incited to hatred, much less, violence.

Historically, the proportion of the Chinese population in Malaysia who voted for the BN has not changed significantly, and the Chinese minority are not known to resort to violent riots. As it is, LKY’s speech seems to have succeeded only in inciting the top BN politicians, including the father of all racial policies in Malaysia – Dr M, of course.

On Kit Siang goes after Hishammuddin and deputies

Kaisim: The government promised to make things better for the people during the last election. One of which is to fight corruption and improve government bureaucracy. After two years, things are not improving much but going for the worst.

Here is a clear case of swindling the funds meant for school repairs and yet the education minister reprimanded Ong for exposing the matter. By right, he should be thankful to the person who has helped him to expose the cheating. Mr Minister, please do your homework. Don`t make Ong Tee Keat a punching bag.

ML: Sad to say our education minister possesses very little knowledge – one with not much substance to contribute to the nation’s education system but was put up there just because he is one of the offsprings of our third PM, our current PM’s gratitude to the late Tun Hussein Onn so to say.

Obviously all he can do is to make ‘noise’ in Parliament to show that he is still in charge. Besides, by choosing KJ uncontested to be his deputy, he is only trying to mitigate his own position as the No 1 in the Umno Youth movement.

Though KJ maybe educated but he lacks common sense in a multi-racial society and blatantly shows his disrespect to the more senior compatriots in the BN government. He thought he is smart but he doesn’t know there are many others smarter than him. If only both of them know how to humbly work along with others, maybe they might stand a chance instead being the “Mat Rempit” in the political arena.

On Anwar adds voice to judicial crisis review calls 

Dr Raj: I think this government has taken the peoples’ intelligence for granted way too long – 49 years to be exact. My dear countrymen and women, it’s time for true reforms. Let’s rise and vote wisely the next time around. No party should rule the country for decades. There has to be check and balance – change them every five years for a more just, clean and trustworthy government.

On Press gagged on misuse of schools’ repair funds 

Bob: “Several media sources have told malaysiakini that journalists are only allowed to report on the visit of ministers to the affected schools but they are barred from investigating the matter further.” Has anybody watched ‘All the President’s Men’?

On Free hotel stay for pro-gov’t candidates 

Nathan: Since our higher education minister is a first-class honours graduate of an Australian university, can he confirm that student elections in his alma mater were indeed run in the same fashion as our local universities – complete with free hotel stays, VCDs and the like?

On Supp loses out on Kuching mayor post 

MO8: Supp has now lost its mayor’s post in Kuching after having lost it political prowess at the state polls. But the point is this: Why is it that the post of mayor is not contested in an open election?

The voices of the ratepayers and taxpayers have be silenced. They need only say “setuju” and the matter is settled.

Let the people of Kuching and in all other cities vote for their choices of mayors. We cannot afford to have patronage granted to certain people, no matter how good the intentions are. Let the people decide on this important post, for it touches on the lives of the people living in the said cities.



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