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Software patents and Microsoft whores in Malaysia

You know, one thing that really pisses me off in the local IT industry is the kind of things MS whores will do to further the agenda of their masters. One thing that is happening lately is the so-called Malaysia/US FTA trade talks. Some issues involved are the potential legalisation of software patents in Malaysia. What are software patents you ask ? Basically it is the monopoly of an idea that is implemented in software. It is almost always lumped together with trademarks and copyrights and sermoned as Intellectual Property by these whores. Copyright and Trademarks are more than sufficient to protect copyrighted works but no, these people want to go further and apply ‘patents’ to software concepts as well.

Imagine being charged in court for violating a sexual move in Karma Sutra. As with software development, it’s impossible to not have a coincidentally same/similar implementation as someone else’s idea as ideas and implementation in software development are similar to art, as they are derived from existing and past works. I’ve blogged long ago about this software patent issue when I visited University Malaya to attend Richard Stallman’s speech. I can understand why Microsoft would want to do this, so that they can use WTO laws to arm-twist and monopolize their way through Malaysia, and use ‘Software Patent’ laws to threaten Opensource users and developers legally and with the intent to spread FUD among users of non-Microsoft products.

It is a monopoly after all, and monopolitic companies will look after their own interests. What I cannot stand, are the totally fucked up Malaysians who blindly lap up every bullshit dished out by Microsoft, to the extent they prostitute themselves to further the interests of Microsoft in Malaysia at the expense of every other software developers here who opposes software patents. Software patents basically gives an idea monopoly to large corporations who can afford to file many patents due to their heavy warchest of funds. The excuses used by Microsoft and the whores that prostitute free for them is that software patents protects the fledgeling software industry and developers, even the small guys.

What a total baloney! In Europe, Software Patent bills have been flatly rejected by the people. Examples and incidents in USA has shown us how start-ups are completely destroyed because they couldn’t implement ideas they thought of themselves without infringing on someone else’s idea even though they’ve never heard of that patented idea before. Basically if today you come up with a way to do something efficiently and differently in software, you can be sued out of business even if you’ve never copied anyone’s idea before, simply because your idea (which is original to you) is already patented by someone else who probably has not even bothered to implement it, but merely waiting for people like you to start implementing it so they can start extorting money from you.

Now, back to these Microsoft whores who prostitute themselves for free to Microsoft. These people, are not Microsoft employees. They are dying to get into the good books of Microsoft just so they can reap certain benefits from them, such as free software, free beta/early access and reputation among other ms IT whore peers. Some of them, whom I’ve observed recently, are doing it mainly as a motivation to join Microsoft. They do everything they can to please Microsoft in the hopes that Microsoft will employ them eventually. One of these idiots, pretends to ‘help’ people who are involved in my industry. As time goes by, I slowly observed his Ms-whoring tactics surface, and slowly I discover a lot of ‘MS’ words coming out from his mouth and other ‘MS’ related stuff and whoring being displayed in that particular forum. Those who know me personally and visited the forum will know who I am talking about. (IGDA anyone?)

Now, don’t get me wrong, it is ok to want to work for Microsoft one day or eventually. But to whore for them like this in public, and for others to witness such blatant activity which so clearly shows a cocksucker in progress, is nothing more than revolting and offensive. My advice to this person is get a freaking backbone. Have some respect for yourself. If you’re not in IT for the passion and love of it, stay the fuck out and don’t embarass yourself doing all sorts of whoring for MS just to get into their good books and eventually praying they’ll employ you one day. If you’re any good you don’t need to do all these humiliating prostitution especially for free to please these monopolistic corporate whores. Respect your peers if you can’t respect yourself.



Saturday, September 9, 2006 - Posted by | Commentary

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