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Malaysia’s new top cop Musa in the hot seat

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08 Sep 2006
Lionel Morais

KUALA LUMPUR: Tan Sri Musa Hassan steps into the hot seat as the country’s Top Cop at a time when crime rates are rising.

His main task will be to instil confidence in the public, who expect higher standards of law enforcement and safety.Musa, 55, will have to show that he is on top of the problem and ready to face the challenges head-on when he assumes the post of the Inspector-General of Police on Sept 12.

Fighting crime will not be his only challenge. He will also have to build up the morale of his men, damaged in recent years by revelations of corruption and abuse of power.

He will have to strike the right balance to boost morale and get the best out of them to improve the image of the Force. That would be his priority.

He is on the right track, though. Two months ago, he spoke briefly of a five-year plan to improve the image, efficiency and competency of the 92,000-strong force.

Though the plan is still in the offing, he is working on a two-prong attack: to produce better investigators and more police personnel sensitive to the rights of individuals. He is striving for a people-friendly force.

This action plan is his way of responding to the bashing the force have received from many parties on allegations that the police are failing in their responsibilities.

Musa is known for his no-nonsense approach and his strict work ethic, but his humility and accessibility to his men and the public are his strong points.

He refused to give an interview until Sept 12 and his only comment yesterday was: “I am thankful to the Government for giving me the trust.”

He is also a hands-on officer as proven during his stint as the Johor Chief Police Officer in 2003.

He followed his men on the ground, curbed vice and gaming activities and was on track to do much more when he was recalled to Bukit Aman to assume the post of Federal Criminal Investigations Director.

The Kuala Lumpur-born Musa is now on the last leg of his dedicated service with the force. He wants to make a difference.

He is also from a family of personalities. His father is Datuk Hassan Azahari, a popular face in television from the 1960s when he taught Al-Quran.

His brothers are the former Selangor State executive councillor Datuk Fuad Hassan and former host of the popular game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, the actor Jalaluddin Hassan.

Musa, who joined the police force as an inspector on Nov 11, 1969, has a law degree from the United Kingdom. He has also attended courses in leadership, management, intelligence procurement, drug enforcement and narcotics law.



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