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Malaysian PR only for Muslims ?

I’ve blogged about this before, and if you’ve been living in this country long enough, or have a foreign spouse, and you’re a NON-MUSLIM, you’ve probably heard of this unwritten rule where little napoleons in the civil service execute their most discriminatory practice ever. PRs are given indiscriminately to Muslim non-professional Indonesian immigrants and yet it is denied to non-muslim professional spouses of Malaysian Citizens. What our government is telling us is that if we want to marry non-Muslim foreigners, we can forget about bringing them into Malaysia. If we want to be together with our loved ones, please get the fuck out of Malaysia.

This is a very huge sore point for non-Muslims with foreign non-muslim spouses, and it is a major factor why the brain-drain is not going away and why attempts to get professionals to come home isn’t going to make the slightest impact. This in fact, is an extremely cruel and inhuman policy that forces out professional Malaysians, who probably could have contributed more to this country, besides having to tolerate low wages, poor working environment and etc. Abdullah Badawi needs to walk the talk. He must be firm and sincere in his attempts to attract talents back from aboard. If you can’t even accord the professionals the slightest respect and human rights he/she deserves, the right to be with his loved ones and children, then please do not insult the intelligence of Malaysian professionals aboard with your ‘come home to Malaysia’ policy.

The reason for this strict PR unwritten rule is obvious. It is to maintain a majority of Muslim over Non-Muslim ratio in Malaysia for political purposes. Pinning the Muslims under Syariah law is one way to control them, and pitting them against Non-Muslims ensure the political dominance and survival of the parties in question that practices such divide and rule methods of governance. Obviously, there is a napoleon in the immigration department holding very tightly to his ultra-religious, ultra-racism believes of the need to ensure an eventual 100 percent or near 100 percent dominance of Muslim over Non-Muslim ratio of population in Malaysia. It is a quiet backdoor or stealthy Islamisation process, because by increasing the population of Muslims against that of Non-Muslims in Malaysia, you basically contribute towards an eventual Islamic state, an Islamisation process that is an eventual goal of these little napoleons.

We certainly seem to have no problems giving PRs to terrorists such as Hambali and Dadang @ Abu Yusuf, a JI leader with Malaysian PR.

I really would love to see our government apologists’ views on the PR issue. What say you Vincent ? What is your opinion on this PR issue of this beloved country of ours ?


Saturday, September 9, 2006 - Posted by | Commentary, Issues

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