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Islamic Human Rights in Malaysia

Jane Perlez at the New York Times is shocked, shocked, that in Malaysia, “which considers itself a moderate and modern Muslim country,” the courts are refusing to recognize Lina Joy’s conversion to Christianity, in “Once Muslim, Now Christian and Caught in the Courts”:

In rulings in her case, civil courts said Malays could not renounce Islam because the Constitution defined Malays to be Muslims.They also ruled that a request to change her identity card from Muslim to Christian had to be decided by the Shariah courts. There she would be considered an apostate, and if she did not repent she surely would be sentenced to several years in an Islamic center for rehabilitation.

Of course, Bush and the Christian Coalition would surely do the same thing if vigilant liberals ever let down their guard…and let’s not forget Timothy McVeigh…and the imperialistic invation of Iraq.

I don’t know if the New York Times has been reading the news over the past few years, but let us consider some other recent headlines from this beacon of a “moderate Muslim” country:

1. “Officials of Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s party gave out copies of U.S. industrialist Henry Ford’s anti-semitic book “The International Jew” to delegates at their annual assembly on Saturday.”

2. The Islamic government in the Malaysian city of Kuala Terengganu has laid down strict new laws about what non-Muslim women can wear to work. The rules, which ban even moderately revealing clothing, are an unprecedented attempt to impose the party’s values on the personal lives of non-believers in Malaysia.

3. Malaysia’s de facto law minister has threatened to jail or fine non-Muslims who insult Islam, amid concern over recent articles perceived as attacking the religion, a newspaper reported yesterday.

4. As Hindu groups and devotees cried and begged, Malaysian authorities have demolished a century-old Hindu temple in Kuala Lumpur, bulldozing the building.

5. Malaysia’s government has endorsed a university’s ruling that requires non-Muslim women to wear headscarves on its campuses, a report said on Wednesday.

6. Malaysia’s biggest opposition party yesterday declared its goal of forming an Islamic state, with punishments such as stoning and amputation for criminals and a ban on non-Muslims becoming prime minister.

7. Malaysia has released from prison a man who allegedly financed the deadly Bali bombings in 2002, as well as five other suspects who trained with weapons and explosives in Afghanistan, officials said Tuesday. None of the six had ever been charged with a crime. All had been imprisoned under laws that allow for indefinite detention without trial.

8. The Court of Appeal dismissed an appeal by a woman who filed an originating summons to delete the word “Islam” from her identity card and claimed she is free to practise the religion of her choice.

9. Malaysia’s minorities are banding together to put up a united front against what they fear is a steady encroachment of Sharia (Islamic law) into their lives. Unsettled by the decision of a court last month that it had no jurisdiction in Islamic matters and that a non-Muslim had no remedy under common law, the minorities, led by moderate leaders, are putting up stiff resistance.

I guess if the New York Times calls it “moderate,” it must be “moderate.”



Saturday, September 9, 2006 - Posted by | Commentary, News

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