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Something’s Wrong With Malaysia

There’s something strange about Malaysia. Even though most of its citizens are conservative muslims, the rest are conservative whatever-they-ares. The country is notorious for censorship. Here’s just three random examples from the BBC:

  1. Malaysia outlaws unsuitable names
  2. Botox ban for Malaysian Muslims
  3. Kiss warning to Malaysia tourists

Tourist aren’t allowed to kiss because, “kissing and hugging [isn’t] acceptable to Malaysian citizens” according to Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz. According to the 2004 Global Sex Survey by condom manufacturer Durex, Malaysian’s are the second most-virgin (losing to Vietnam), and the sixth least-sexed. So, if abstinence is the goal of censorship, the banning of public affection, and other laws in Malaysia, it’s probably working.

I wonder what would happen if you correlate things like “standard of living” and “GDP” with sexual satisfaction and cultural tolerance.  It’s probably no accident that well-to-do countries are often made up of more open societies.



Saturday, September 2, 2006 - Posted by | Commentary

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