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Umno Youth No 2 the albatross

Umno Youth No 2 the albatross
Northern Watch

I refer to your report Khairy slammed for playing racial card.I read with alarm the statements by the Umno Youth deputy chief on why Umno should not be weak.. Alarm that we have another chauvinist in the sequel of ‘Malay Dilemma II’. Is he really trying to outdo PAS as the Malay champion or is he really that bigoted that he thinks that one race is sufficient to make Malaysia strong? 

Why bring up the Suqiu and the non-Malay ministers memo on religion now when the incumbent PM is fighting fires all around, especially a major one involving Khairy and his involvement with ECM Libra.

Or is Khairy just splashing the water around him to hide the mud on his face? Bad enough that a major factor in the spat between the former PM and the current is in part due to the deputy Umno Youth chief. Bad enough his statements like: ‘I rather sell the ECM shares at a loss to a bumi than to a non-bumi’. Are non-bumis not Malaysians or are they part of a Jewish party out to undermine Malaysia’s economy?

On the rotation of chief minister’s post in Penang and his outburst that one community’s interests and welfare are not being looked after, shall I name one other community which is in a worse dilemma?

But that would also make me racist and chauvinist so I will defer on that. Are chief ministers only appointed to look after one community’s interests? Then wouldn’t it also be fair that other states such as Perak, Selangor, Negri Sembilan, Malacca and Johor also have rotating chief minister’s posts so that all of the rakyat can benefit?

Now he wants to entangle Umno against other component parties of the BN. How irresponsible can one get? Youth is no excuse for rashness that is bordering close on sedition. If openly touting that Umno should be strong enough to keep the Chinese at bay is not tantamount to seditionm I wonder what is.

Pak Lah should see the real and present danger to him and that, in Khairy, he is to be carrying an albatross around his neck. There are many now waiting in line to cash in on any mistake that Pak Lah makes, who will burn the forest to be rid of the tree. Let’s pray that it does not come to that.



Friday, August 25, 2006 - Posted by | Commentary

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