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Crisis in the Government

So a little bird has just informed that Tan Sri Aseh Che Mat has gotten both Agong and one Sultan Pahang to do lobbying work for him for the KSN seat. Let’s just go through this guy’s profile.

During the last general election, he was seen holding a Nokia Communicator for Pak Lah on National TV, standing on the stage at Bilik Gerakan and passing the phone to Pak Lah. Some machai. Not really professional, has got nothing to do with politics and there he was, sucking and licking.

Son was suspended for money politics against the now Ketua Pemuda Putrajaya during the race for Ketua Pemuda Putrajaya. Apparently the son used his dad’s position to mobilize some money from Pelita Nasi Kandar.

Reported to have bomoh working for him.

He was so excited about the prospect of becoming the next KSN that he gathered his closed cronies with the senior govt officer group and promised them promotions and kickbacks if they support him.

What does he gain from being the next KSN? Damn, just about everything within the power of KSN. Now that RMK9 is about to kickstart, look out for a lot of land acquisition approvals within Wilayah Persekutuan.

I hope he tries to enter politics after his retirement, would like to see him get stomped and slapped around.

Oh wait, did I mention that his cousin is the KP of ACA, so don’t even worry about him getting screwed for corruption. KP himself has 6 petrol stations across the Peninsular.




Friday, August 25, 2006 - Posted by | Commentary

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