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The problem is that most Malays do not read. Dr. Bakri Musa made this observation in one of his books — maybe, “The Malay Dilemma Revisited”. The reason is: “it is difficult lah”. Some say that there are not enough books in the Malay Language. Maybe the Malays want to be spoon-fed.

Poor excuse.

Learn English and any other language of one’s choice and attend night language classes with one’s own money, if one must. It is a question of attitude and motivation. The Vietnamese, for example, are a highly motivated people, working during the day and learning English at night. For 10 years (1965-1975), the Americans tried to bomb their country into the Stone Age but they failed. No NEP/NDP for the Vietnamese. We have had it for 35 years (1970-2005).

Malay Role Models are around, if you care to look. Most of them developed in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Those were difficult times. But they are a vanishing group, and will disappear with time. At the same time, we also have self-serving Malays, and these are the so-called Malay “lingo” nationalists of the late 1950 and 1960s.

During the early years of independence, these “lingo” nationalists were in league with ambitious Malay politicians who wanted the Malay Language to be the world’s lingua franca. Malay nationalism was the road to take for political fame and fortune, consequences be damned.

They successfully won the day and Malay became the medium of instruction to replace English in our schools and universities. Did we have the books, articles and other publications in Mathematics and the Sciences and other subjects in Malay? No, that could come later. We probably thought those things could drop from the sky.

So the national language policy was implemented in earnest without developing the necessary infrastructure and software needed to ensure its successful execution. “Dasar dulu (policy first) dan yang lain semua belakang kira (all other things can count later)”.

The consequences of this myopia are for all of us to see and bear. We have Malay university graduates who are unemployable by multinational companies and government officers who are scared to speak at international conferences and forums because they lack English language skills.

Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka was created 40 years or so ago to accommodate the lingo nationalists and, from then on, it is all history. The strange thing about these nationalists is that their kids are fluent in English and other languages because they are all educated abroad.

The burden of the national language policy failure is being paid by the Malay kids in the kampongs and small towns throughout our country. Yet these language nationalists are still around today, punching their kerises in the air, and resisting any policy change.

Dewan Bahasa is still very active, doing the same old and outdated things. Vested interests, a feature of all bureaucracies, are preventing any meaningful reform or strategic change. I do not deny that we need to develop our language. It is not a total waste of the money we invested in this institution.

A cynic might say that Dewan Bahasa was very successful in fulfilling its mandate, which is to promote the use of Malay in administration and business in our country. That served our domestic needs. But times have changed and, in the era of globalisation, it is a great advantage if Malaysians can handle English, Japanese, German, Mandarin, French, and so on.

How can we have “Melayu Glokal” if we lack language skills, other than our own? If we cannot handle own language, then something must be wrong with us. Of course we can, but what about English, for example?

Our home-grown intellectuals, with few exceptions like Kassim Ahmad, Syed Hussin Ali, Rustam Sani, K.S. Jomo and Terrence Gomez, tend to go along with their political masters. If you watch TV1, our Infonteinment channel, which covered the recent Umno General Assembly, the guest commentator turned out to be an apologist for UMNO. He had nothing original, or incisive, to say. Many others are like him. They are today the shapers of Malay opinion, advocating a culture of conformism. Hang Jebat, goodbye!

But those who dare speak and offer alternative views are marginalized. They are rarely invited to sit on Government committees to help shape national policy. Worse still, their writings either do not appear in the mainstream media, which practises self censorship, or are heavily edited before they make the printed pages. In some cases, their books are banned. Fancy banning books and publications in the 21st century! Sadder still, some have been placed under detention and suffered police brutality.

Fortunately, thanks to the internet, we have websites like,, and, to name a few, as well as the bloggers. They allow us to express our views and discuss our concerns in an open and responsible way.

We will soldier on and we will get our share of readers. For example, Raja Petra Kamarudin’s Malaysia Today receives some 250,000-300,000 hits daily. But, recently, Raja Petra’s house was raided by the police because he wrote articles that were critical of the Negeri Royal Family. What is the message here?

I must admit that I do not have time for Malay novelists and writers except for Keris Mas, Tongkat Warrant, Dato A. Samad Said, Kassim Ahmad and Baha Zain. I have a preference for the English classics, biographies and autobiographies of and by great men of history, philosophical treatises, international relations, and economics. By doing so, I am not less Malay. In fact, my readings make very conscious of my “Malayness”.

So you are not correct to say that we just “simply nag and make noise in our own circles”. You too, and men and women of your generation, must write and act, but do that with responsibility. To do that you must read and think critically and develop your writing skills.

At my age (66), I have done more than my share through all these years. My contemporaries and I have made it possible for you and your generation to move forward. The question is: will you and your friends take up the challenge for a better Malaysia and a stronger and more dynamic Malay society?

Don’t you think it is time for action by your generation? You can correct our genuine mistakes, if you understand the Law of Unintended Consequences. Politicians and their sycophants chose to ignore it. Actually, it is hard for me to believe that they really care about the consequences, intended or otherwise.


geekpuk2 said…
wait…wait.Are you saying that the scions of ultra-Malay nationalists who fight for God, kin and country are not practising what they preach?

Are they saying stuff like “Bahasa Melayu Bahasa Ilmu” to the media and kampong folks while at the same time send their own kids to international schools with foreign curiculums or straight away to schools overseas even at primary level?

Our kampong kids are learning Hang Tuah/Hang Jebat while their kids learn King Richard III/King Henry XVIII.

Our kampong kids are learning Natrium and Kalium while their kids know Sodium and Potassium.

What is wrong with this scenario?

Thursday, July 28, 2005 8:53:31 AM  
alamakalias said…
Masa zaman Tunku dulu Hussein Onn hantar nota pada Tunku menuntut semua urusan kewrajaan ditulis dalam bahasa Melayu, tetapi surat itu ditulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris! Bila Tunku tanya, Hussein Onn jawab, dia lebih faham Bahasa Inggeris.Cakap tak serupa bikin ini kini dituntut oleh anaknya si Hishamuddin yang kononnya sokong penggunaan semula DEB tapi untuk kroni-kroni dia saja…

Anwar Ibrahim pun suka jugak menjerit-jerit menuntut penggunaan Bahasa Melayu tetapi sebab utama bukanlah kerana dia suka Bahasa Melayu tapi sebab nak menunjuk-nunjuk perkataan pelik-pelik yg dia cedok dari bahasa Jawa, Minang dsbnya.

Anak-anak Anwar sendiri sepatah haram tak boleh berucap dalam bahasa Melayu dan sekarang semua belajar di negeri orang putih tanpa menduduki sekolah-sekolah kebangsaan yang kononnya jadi perjuangan Anwar tahun 70an dahulu.

What bloody hypocrites! (Celaka betul munafiq berdarah?)

Thursday, July 28, 2005 10:46:27 AM  
geekpuk2 said…
alamakalias,Bukankah Nurul Izzah itu graduan kejuruteraan UNITEN, sebuah universiti tempatan? Takkan tak boleh cakap Melayu?

Yang beta tahu, Najib seorang pejuang bangsa dan bekas Menteri Pendidikan hantar anak-anak dia ke Sekolah Antarabangsa. Guna kurikulum British kot? Sila semak

Apabila ada pemimpin / pejuang bangsa kata nak MEMPERKASAKAN Sekolah Kebangsaan sila semak mana anak-anak mereka pergi Sekolah.

Kalau sekolah Antarabangsa dan Sekolah luar negara (Australia, New Zealand, UK) hatta bagi peringkat sekolah rendah lagi, itu pemimpin habis beras menipu orang kampong aja.

Thursday, July 28, 2005 1:39:34 PM  
haminuddin said…
The problem with us bangsa Melayu is not UMNO’s corruption or Dr M ,Isa Samad, Khairy , the impotent Royal Families, the Chinese or Indian being cleverer or any other reasons that have been blamed as the cause.It is our name. We have lived with a curse, a self fulfilling prophecy calling ourselves “Melayu”.

The name of our race being our brand means “to wilt”. Like a plant or a flower to melayu is to die unless we do something right to stop it from wilting. ie the correct amount of water, fertiliser, soil and position where it is planted,shady or direct sunlight. A batang Melayu implies mati pucok, impotent.

No marketer would brand its product with a negative name and expect the product to prosper.

Call a product something negative chances are it would become a self fulfilling prophecy or sumpah it is bound to destroy the product regardless of its potentials .

In this light “Hidup Melayu” once a slogan used by UMNO is an oxymoron and so is Hang Tuah’s famous line “Takkan Melayu Hilang didunia”.

Nearly 48 years of merdeka our Malay people are demostrating the look of a race that is lost not knowing whether it is coming or going. The call for the reinstatement of special Malay privilage reflects that we are far off from the security that we hoped and dreamed at the beginning of our road to independence.

At least prior to independence we knew who we were and where we wanted to go. Now it seems we are confused weighed down by seemingly endless moral and material corruption not to mention what seems like an eternal infighting. Aku anak Melayu! Ake Bangsa Melayu. The Curse of the Brand!

So why dont we change our brand. Get rid of the sumpah and called oursleves TEGAK instead. Homo Erectus sounds decidedly positive than HOMO LIMPUS. After all our leaders have for a long time been marching up and down the country calling for the erection of Kemajuan, Keadilan, Keamanan,Kesejahteraan,Kerharmonian,Perpaduan,Kejayaan. The country is full of Erections as well as Datokships. That of course is another story.

Aku anak Tegak , aku Bangsa Tegak has a better ring to it than Melayu. If the law of self fulfilling prophecy is true we will eventually be swept by the spirit of Erection and therfore find our salvation.

Then we can all live happily ever after. It is that simple. Or is it?

Thursday, July 28, 2005 2:44:52 PM  
Gate Pintu said…
Thought provoking and insightful but 600 years to late my friend. It is in the gene and may take another 600 years to breed out the damage. But I do agree with you whole-heartedly
Thursday, July 28, 2005 4:09:16 PM  
peter said…
Haminuddin,There is no point for one race to shout positive slogan or words just to make it feel good in long time to come. One can shout “Melayu Glokal” or “towering malays” for one thousand years more and till all the cows of the world come home but the scenation wont change if nothin had ben done or atleastbeing initiated.

Chinese mentality is: If we want something so badly, we go get it verybadly, and until we get it, as long as we dont get it, we dont come home- come high or water, NEP or AP or not- those are just minor challenges.

Honestly- I think the time has finally come for Malay to stand on their feet. We human are equal. Two hands two legs one month- we squat to shit, we stand to pee…so don’t give any of the crap that the Malaystill need help, you got me, Hishamudin/Khairy whatever…Hey orang melayu, these so called ur leaders is only destroying their own race by making the race losing their oledi weak will to complete.

Coming to book, if you go to MPH or book store in KL sentral, check out Malay novel, fictional or not non fictional-whatever. What u get??
The title will surely start with either cinta, musim, rindu, ayu, angin sepoi2, kasih, Rohana, dan ngah apa apa lagi…

Cammana nak jadi smart kalau asyik bercakap cinta aje…??

Semuanya shallow. For Malay novellist, try follow some of the famous author like Archer (first among equal), Grisham (time to kill)…see for urself- the different.

Other’snovel is not only bout love- but everything- love-life-relationship-life-death-court-injustices-racial-hope-everything!!!

Thats all…

Latest book that I am reading that I would really wanna recommend- Gregory David Robert (true story). The title is “Shantaram” which currently about to be a major film starring Johnny Depp and Halena Bonham Carter.

Thursday, July 28, 2005 6:19:14 PM  
alamakalias said…
Memang betul, Nurul Izzah graduan UNITEN, tetapi dididik ngomong-ngomong Inggeris, hingga ucapan bahasa Melayunya bertabur-tabur. Sekarang Anwar Ibrahim sudah angkut kesemua anak-anaknya ke Amerika Syarikat untuk dididik oleh para penyokong Zionis seperti Paul Wolfowitz.Sementara, anak sulung dan pewaris Najib iaitu Mohd Reza Mohd Najib adalah lepasan MCKK macam RPK jugak dan kemudian barulah melanjutkan pelajaran ke universiti di United Kingdom.

Tapi dua kali limalah, Anwar dengan Najib dua-dua kononnya sayang Melayu tapi akhirnya menipu orang Melayu…

Thursday, July 28, 2005 6:20:55 PM  
peter said…
Sorry, Gregory peck was the actor in to kill a mockingbird (1962). The infamous author of the book was HArper Lee. Typo….Confuse…Stone…Sigh…Mellow…
Thursday, July 28, 2005 6:22:36 PM  
alamakalias said…
Haminuddin,Selepas merdeka, kaum kulit hitam Upper Volta menamakan diri mereka Burkina Faso, iaitu “Orang-orang Tegak” tetapi sayang, yang tegak cuma alat kemaluan masing-masing (AIDS adalah masalah terbesar di Burkina Faso), sedangkan negara merdum jadi negara pariah…

Thursday, July 28, 2005 6:23:54 PM  
AdmiralTojo said…
The problem with the Malays is that they are slaves. Slaves of their mind put there by their Mullahs. Now they are confused as to whether they are Malay or Arab. How can you develope you mind when you are told not to use your brains. The Malays also have made denial into an art. Break away from this slavery and there will be progress.
Thursday, July 28, 2005 10:57:29 PM  
Mamujarum said…
Hakikat keadaan bangsa Melayu dewasa ini adalah berada dipersimpangan adat resam dan budaya turun temurun yang bercampur aduk.
Kita semua menerima hakikat sejarah bahawa bangsa Melayu ini dahulunya beragama Hindu dan Kerajaan Langkasuka pernah ujud dibumi Kedah.
Mahu tidak mahu, kita dapat melihat kesan kesan ajaran dan tradisi hindu masih menebal dikehidupan bangsa dan Kesultanan Melayu sehingga ke hari ini.
Islam dibawa masuk ke tanah Melayu ini oleh pedagang pedagang India Muslim dari Kerala dan alhamdulillah, hari ini bilamana menyebut Melayu , kita sedia menerima bahawa Melayu itu beragama Islam.
Memang adat resam Melayu hari ini bagaikan gulai dalca yang dimasak menggunakan pelbagi jenis kekacang dan sayuran serta berisi ayam atau daging. Hasilnya amat menyelerakan.Begitu juga adat resam Melayu yang ada pada hari ini .

Ada sedikit tradisi Hindu, kefahaman animisma,adat resam Arab mengikut Sunnah Nabi Muhammad SAW, perilaku budaya Barat menurut status kekayaan sesuatu keluarga Melayu itu, pantang larang orang orang Cina dan kefahaman mereka tentang hantu, puaka dan sbgnya.

Bagi saya, pendapat bahawa perkataan ‘Melayu’ itu sinonim dengan ‘kelayuan jatidiri ‘ atau ‘mati pucuk’ sebgai simbol kelelakian ‘batang Melayu’ itu jelas menghina secara menyeluruh ketuanan Melayu dibumi tercinta ini.

Agaknya yang menjahanamkan ‘Melyu’ adalah Melayu sendiri yang susah untuk bersatu hati, membuang yang keroh dan mengambil yang jernih.

Melayu bilamana tergugat kuasa politik mereka, baru akan tersentak dari lamunan semasa dan mahu berusaha mencari punca sebenar keruntuhan budaya bangsa dan tradisi mereka.

Hari ini Melayu sesama Melayu lebih gemar berinteraksi menggunakan Bahasa Inggeris.

Lihat saja cara orang orag Melayu yang berkedudukan dan berjawatan tinggi bercakap menggunakan Bahasa Inggeris walaupun ditanya oleh wartawan TV dan Media Massa berbangsa Cina yang menggunakan Bahasa Melayu.

Contoh ketara..Gabenor Bank Negara Dr Zeti Aziz, anak kepada Profesor Ungku Aziz, sentiasa bertutur dalam Bahasa Inggeris walaupun bermula dengan sepatah dua perkataan Melayu.

Kedua, para menteri kita akan berselang seli bercakap dalam Bahasa Melayu dicampur adukkan dengan perkataan Inggeris.

Bukan saya anti Bahasa Inggeris ke apa malah saya memang penggemar Sastera Lama Inggeris seperti tulisan Shakespeare, Chaucer dsbnya.

Diwaktu yang saya , saya menggemari Sastera Melayu lama seperti Hikayat Hang Tuah, Sejarah Melayu dsbnya.

Saya rasa apa yang perlu dilakukan adalah kembali mendaulatkan penggunaan Bahasa Melayu didalam kebanyakan urusan rasmi kerajaan dan menghentikan budaya pencemaran bahasa Melayu didalam penyiaran Radio dan TV negara.

Anasir yang bertanggungjawab terhadap pencemaran bahasa di Radio dan TV Malaysia adalah menteri nya sendiri.

Radio Irama Melayu Asli dihilangkan jenamanya kepada Klasik FM!

Intro lagu RIMA ditukar dengan Klasikkkkkkkkk Ef Emmmm. Menyampah !

Tak tahulah kenapa Melayu boleh menjadi seperti umang umang.

Cepat benar mengajuk budaya orang tetapi leka dan abaikan adat resam sendiri.

Sungguh gah kita lihat cara car orang dulu dulu berpakaian. Siap berkeris, bertanjak, bersamping, bercapal, halus seni buatan pakaian dan adat resam mereka .

Melayu hari ini yang perempuan moden’ berpakaian dedah sana dedah sini, ber’t’shirt tulis mencarut dan lucah, berlegar kat KLCC atau Midvalley.

Semasa saya bercuti ke Terengganu baru baru ini, saya berkesempatan ke satu Pasar Malam di Kuala Terengganu.

Ada gerai menjual baju baju T yang diusahakn oleh seorang pakcik Melayu siap berkopiah.

Antara slogan di baju T yang dijualnya ada perkataan yang kita sendiri malu nak sebut ..’Motherf..ker dsbnya!

Saya tanya penjual tu kenapa jual baju tulisan lucah macam tu?
Dia jawab , ‘entahle…baju gini yang budak muda suke’!

Saya tak heran dengan alasan begini sebab memang dah lumrah, Melayu suka benar dengn sikap ,’Menang sorak ;kampong tergadai’

Nak maju tidak semestinya degan cara mencemarkan adatresam dan tenggelam dengan budaya ‘Hedonisma’ yang kini amat rancak didokong oleh Kerajaan Hadhari melalui program program TV seperti AF oleh Astro, Sureheboh oleh TV3 dan RTM pun lorat nak ikut sama melalui rancangan hiburn mereka.
Takkan hilang kot Melayu diduni ini…cuma yang hilang nilai bangsa..

Friday, July 29, 2005 2:30:42 AM  
Haminuddin,Ada apa pada nama? MELAYU pada saya, satu nama yang cantik dan indah, BUKAN seperti “layu” – yang “meLAYU” pada bunga atau tumbuhan, seperti yang diperkatakan oleh Sdra sehingga Sdra menganggap nama MELAYU satu brand sumpahan mengapa MELAYU tidak boleh maju.

MELAYU itu akan “LAYU” bukan kerana dia orang MELAYU, tapi kerana ORANG yang mengakui dirinya ORANG MELAYU tidak berbuat apa-apa untuk memajukan diri sendiri! Ini banyak bergantung atas sifat ORANG yang mengakui yang mereka ORANG MELAYU, dan sanggup “meLAYUkan” hidup diri sendiri!

Cuba perhatikan semasa perhimpunan orang Melayu (misalnya Perhimpunan UMNO) baru-baru ini, apa yang dilaungkan oleh orang yang mengakui diri mereka ORANG MELAYU?


Ini cuma LAUNGAN …. Memang sedap didengar. Bersemengat sungguh ORANG MELAYU…Tapi, praktikalnya bagaimana????

Cuba kita tanya diri kita sendiri, sakitkah atau matikah orang MELAYU selama ini? Atau, adakah orang MELAYU akan jadi seperti dinosor?

Saya percaya:-
MELAYU tidak akan mati,
MELAYU tidak akan hilang di dunia!

Pernahkah kita DENGAR laungan orang Cina atau India ….HIDUP ORANG CINA atau HIDUP ORANG INDIA. Mereka TAK melaung sebegitu rupa kerana mereka tahu, orang mereka sentiasa “alive and kicking” – mereka percaya orang Cina atau India “tidak akan hilang didunia”… kerana mereka ketahui jumlah orang Cina atau India mencecah angka bilion setiap tahun. Mana nak hilang? Tapi PERSOALANNYA pada mereka, bagaimana nak HIDUP, sedangkan orang bertambah ramai dan bagai nak maju, sedangkan competition amat sengit sekali? Adakah mereka HIDUP untuk makan? atau MAKAN untuk terus HIDUP sahaja?

Kalau takut MELAYU akan mati atau hilang di dunia ini, ikut seperti orang Cina atau India, bukan kerana NAMA CINA ATAU INDIA mereka mundur atau miskin, tetapi DIRI SENDIRI. Perubahan mesti dibuat pada diri sendiri dan bukan pada NAMA.

TEGAK … satu nama yang indah sekali. Sekali menegak MEMANG keras! Tapi kalau tak TEGAK lagi, akan guna VIGRA atau TONGKAT (Ali) – tambah isu lagi yang dulu Orang Melayu nak TONGKAT NEB dan sekarang Bangsa TEGAK nak TONGKAT (ALI)

Friday, July 29, 2005 10:50:25 AM  
Old Fart said…
Is it something new that I am begining to suspect or is it something that has all along existed within the Malay psyche?Do Malays who pitch themselves to be leaders in their community find their relevance only when there is an enemy? Has there got to be an enemy of the community (in the usual sense of the word) for a leader to emerge and stay relevant to the Malays?

I ask this because if one were to pass on the transcript and the videos of the recent UMNO assembly to a total stranger to the country and asked him who the enemy was to this bunch of people, he would be scratching his head about looking for that enemy outside the country!. When Hishamuddin , who probably never climbed a coconut tree in his life, drew out a kris, who was it he was threatening with it? The AIDS virus? Poverty? Equitable distribution of APs?

Why is it that this whole bunch of UMNO delgates find their need to assemble only to point out who their enemy is when none really exist? For all I know easily a large number of them would have spent the latter part of those nights in the comfort of some of the women folk of the enemy!

Do the Malays as a whole need to have enemies before they look for a leader to lead them against the enemy? That would seem to be the case if one were to look at the reality of the situation in Malaysia today. Yet, this UMNO bunch seem to think that making the non-Malays out to be demons is the best way to gain applause, support and relevance. By pushing the extension of the NEP agenda Khairy who was born long after it was first introduced, surely has finally gained support among his peers. Why? How? The moment you say NEP, you already draw the line between the Malays and the non-Malays.And since you said it, you are appointed leader, naturally! Stupid, yet it is that easy!

The so called intention of NEP will never be achieved because the illusive 30% will continue to remain distant as new ways of calculating that figure props up every time we get near it.

Indeed for the smart ass that he is, surely Khairy could have proposed a more relevant ideal, like ensuring wanting ALL Malaysians having a household income of, say, RM24,000 a year by 2008 or something. Policies of such would probably get everyone in this country working for it.

However, one thing for sure is NEP = corruption! NEP = APs. NEP = cronies. NEP = minimal number of Malays becoming super rich while the rest of the Malay race stupidly cheer them on.

No sirree. The Malay race is being undermined by its own psyche. It is unable to make heros of ordinary people who successfully care for and provide for their families. It does not allow for one to look at himself and see himself as a leader or hero in the absence of an enemy. Its enemy are of course non-Malay, non-Muslim. They have to have demons in the shape of fellow humans in order to need a leader.

This is sad. Really really sad. But this belief that prevails in the community is perpetuated by none other than its own self-appointed leaders who profit from it because of the power it gives them and the obscene wealth it creates for them.

Sadly the community is saddled by all this that keeps them captive to their cages so that they just cannot see their fellow countrymen as passengers in the same ricketty boat that may capsize any moment if the Malays continue to remain on their side of the boat causing it to tilt towards them. We need to spread out and balance out the boat! The waves are not going to go away. Its our boat and we are all in it together!

Friday, July 29, 2005 11:24:54 AM  
awang kera said…
Well said, Old Fart and Awang Kera agrees with you.Malay leaders create imaginary enemies to gain support from the Malay masses, who are insecure and fearful. In fact, we, Malaysians, are all in the same boat. We will only survive and prosper if we cooperate and move in the same direction, imbued with a strong belief that united we stand, divided we will certainly fall.

Let us resolve to put an end to ethnic based politics. UMNO should no longer champion and protect the Malays. It should champion all Malaysians. The same for MIC and MCA. The 21st century is the century of a Malaysian Malaysia, not for those still think of “Ketuanan Melayu” and for saber rattling Malay leaders who seek to fan the flames of ethnic strife and discord.

Globalisation gives concessions to no one. Malaysians are, therefore, not a privileged lot in the new schemes of things. You have to play by its golden rules with the best, and only the best, deserving to win.

I am happy that my Non-Malay compartriots are beginning to speak up. You have been too quiet for a long time.

A 35-year concession is enough, in fact it has gone to waste if only well-connected Malays like the AP Kings benefit. Unless we the Malays change,starting with its leaders, concessions till eternity won’t help.

Affirmative action for all Malaysians but with conditions and careful monitoring may be considered. But not if it is implemented as “business as usual”.It should make us strong, not weak. It should also be incentive based and for those genuinely need support.

The genie/the devil is in the Malay bottle/psyche. We, the Malays, must learn to look at ourselves critically and resolve of our own volition to work hard and smart, without state help.Stop blaming and demonising others.

Otherwise, we, the Malays, deserve to be put into some reservations as exhibits for tourists and other pleasure seekers to see and enjoy.

Good luck, Bangsa Malaysia. Uphold Rukunnegara.

Friday, July 29, 2005 12:13:31 PM  
haminuddin said…
The issue of reading culture or the lack of it amongst our Malay people is an interesting topic that can throw some light to the debate on why the Malays have become the way we are today. Lost, confused, obtused,fearful,lack of confidence,unprincipled,lacking in integrity,arrogant,pretentious leaving us in the current state of delusion. Simply, you are what you read or do not read.I was born in the late 40’s. I grew up in a kampong. Both my parents were school teachers. Recognising the value of education they encouraged their children to do well in our studies. Passing our exams well and coming first in our classes was the desired outcome.

However, although education was highly valued, I cant recall us having any other reading materials apart from our school texts, newspapers, majallah Mastika and Islamic kitabs at home.

Certainly as little children we did not have our parents reading to us children’s books before we went to sleep. We did not have any childrens books by our bedsides. We did’nt have beds to start with to have any sides. Just a tikar on the floor and later on home made tilams.

However my illiterate grandmother,bless her used to tell us tales of Sang kancil, Pak Kadok, Lebai Malang, Mat Jenin after her waktu sembahyang Maghrib which we all enjoyed. The kesusasteraan lisan.

There was no public library in our little town Kuala Pilah. There were libraries in our English Schools but not in our Malay Schools. Well, I cant recall my primary Sekolah Melayu having a Kutub Khanah. Infact I cant recall any of our teachers encouraging us to read beyond our text books.

By the time we went to English school ie on the fifth year of our schooling we were without a strong reading habit. To compound the situation there were not many Malay books. The really keen ones would search for Indonesian books which were not easy to get in a small town like Kuala Pilah. And with not a lot of money about we could not afford to buy them even if we wanted to.

The point I am trying to make is even with school teachers as parents we did not have a rich reading culture in our family. I am not blaming my parents. They did their best. I am grateful son.

So what it must have been like for a great majority of Malay households in the kampongs?

After Merdeka with Tun Razak as our Minister of Education , education became a priority. The Malay people became more aware of the importance of education for them to lift our game especially in competition with the other races who were generally town based.

Sadly though the idea of Education was limited to passing exams, going to Universities , getting degrees, to become Doctors, Engineers,Accountants or MCS officers. Reading was still considered as reading ones Text books. And we all believed we were educated ready to join the civilised world because we now have University Degrees.

What someone failed to tell us was there is a big diffrence between being educated and being enlightened.

In my opinion one of the failures of the promises of Merdeka which until today has yet to addressed is the absence of libraries in our kampongs and small towns to. This would be more than just constructing a building and putting books in it. It should come complete with a long term plan having daily programmes for kids and parents such as story telling/reading sessions, competitions etc to slowly nurture a reading habit, that reading is fun and productive. People need to be turned on that reading is a worthwhile habit.

Instead we have Sanusi Joned opening a library on an island and the Government building a beautiful building in KL calling it the National Library. What about the folks in the kampongs who happened to be the majority of the Malay people? By the way Sanusi Joned is a fan of Mills and Boons which to most peolple’s who “read” are considered crap. Thats is not reading.

And I suspect this situation has not changed very much because my most recent visit to a few middle class Malay houses in Damansara Heights and Shah Alam showed little signs of books although the tuan rumah were people who have gone to Universities and are holding important jobs in the government and corporate world. But the gates were impressive.

The question is if this is true of the so called Malay Middle Class what must it be like in those who are still in the kampongs?

Perhaps there is no such thing as a Malay middle class yet because a Middle class suggests the presence of a group with real wealth of knowledge and skills. And we are mistaking the material wealth exhibited by our Malay people as real wealth.

This is the Malay Delusion.

Friday, July 29, 2005 1:37:41 PM  
Rhan said…
I was from a school where 90% of my Chinese classmate cannot speak or write Chinese, but I don’t see any Malays who can’t speak Malay, all the issue raised by you all is not a issue at all if we accept the fact that Malaysian is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society.
Look at Chinese, they can be Muslim, Buddhist, Taoists, Christian, Free Thinkers, Communist and …….
Would this stop them from being more globalize or less chinessness, I don’t think so.
Let it be if the people of Malaysia want to be a Muslim or Free Thinkers or want to speak English or their mother language, this would not hinder them from being a better citizen.
The Chinese might not face a similar threat to preserve our culture because we can always rely on China, a strong hold of the culture and keep on assimilate or evolve itself to create a more practical way of living.
The Malay is on their own, this is why they must learn to be more open minded, flexible and don’t too worry about losing your identity as culture has it own life.
Don’t follow what Buddha or Confucius says but try to understand their teaching, your inner sense will tell you what is right the right thing to do.
Emphasize more on education, moral teaching, humanity and the important of business, not to be rich but how it can contribute to human kind.
Friday, July 29, 2005 3:48:04 PM  
M. Bakri Musa said…
Dear Haminuddin:I could not agree more with you! When you meet these senior civil servants, top university officials and high level executives of GLCs and ask them the latest book, magazine or journal they have red or bought, you will get a blank look.

When you visit their homes or offices, the striking thing is the absence of books, magazines and professional journals. The usual excuse? “Too expensive lah!”

None of them have laptops, and when they travel, they would be away from their offices for a week and two. Meaning, they are out of contact with their offices. I always carry my laptop so I can continue with my work and writing. Plenty of time to do so at in the plane, airports and hotels!

Yet they travel first class and stay at luxurious hotels. Why no laptops? “Gomen does not provide us with one! Shortsigted gomen!” they would say. I told them that if they would travel business class, the government would have money for three or four laptops. Anf if they travel economy, it would have money to buy ten laptops, one for the officer, another for the son or nephew, and the rest to donate to the local village school!

I too am from Kuala Pilah and born in the 1940s to school teacher parents. They did not speak English, but they made sure that the family subscribed to The Straits Times (great paper way back then!), Readers Digest, etc. I also get the occasional FEER as a treat! Yes, I also read Utusan and Berita Harian, and can compare them with the other publications.

You are there in the midst of things, and I am here thousands of miles away, yet our views are remarkably similar!

Sallam mesra,

M. Bakri Musa

Friday, July 29, 2005 9:57:13 PM  
Bala Pillai said…
Dear all,The less precise the diagnosis, the less precise the prescription.

Consider this proposition: the biggest enemy of the Malays is haterade.

What is ‘haterade’?

According to

haterade: a figurative drink representing a modality of thought. Those who consume it are themselves consumed by the negativity with which they speak.

To get to the root ask the question, “Why have Malays not produced a single quantum invention [1] in the last 1000 years when before that they did?”

For crisp articulation of how this phenomena increased over the thousand years, see “What is Knowledge?” at

What might alternative propositions be?

[1] Quantum invention = a significant leap in order of problem solving from cave man days to now. Eg domestication of pepper, Minangkabau architecture, seafaring vessels to Madagascar

Bala Pillai
Founder, Malaysia.Net/Sangkancil/Asian Knowledge Economy Brands (since 1995)

Saturday, July 30, 2005 2:12:02 AM  
haminuddin said…
I “suspected” it was you. We have never met but our parents being good friends as Malay teachers of that era tended to be, used to mention your name. “Anak cikgu siBakri mano?”. You anak Cik Gu Musa. I anak Cik Gu Dorus. You orang Senanti/Kampong Tongah. I orang Sawah Lebar. But my Abah is from Kg Tongah. You, “exiled” in US. I “exiled” in NZ. Now some of our fellow countrymen will be calling us “traitors” for “deserting” our homeland, we have no right to have opinions about our race and country.That personal message out of the way, please allow me to respond to some of those who have responded directly to my musing.

Gate Pintu: It is never too late to change especially in todays age of Genetic Engineering. Dr Musa Bakri I am sure can enlighten us about that. For godsake they are doing a face transplant as we speak. And what is the point of having this discussion if it is pointless. It would be just a mental masturbation then which will bring us back to the issue of erectional dysfunction which the word “Melayu” means.

Peter: I am afraid you missed my point. I am not promoting sloganeering. UMNO has done enough of that. I just want the name of the race changed from Melayu to Tegak. Just as the Sri Lankans changed theirs from Ceylon.

Kabutbilam: Jika nama tiada bermaana, kenapa bayi yang dilahirkan diberi nama? Saudara sendiri memanggil diri saudara “kabutbilam”. Nama itu semangat. Saharusnya. Jika kosong, kosonglah mereka yang memikul nama tersebut. Tetapi saudara hampir2 menyentohi apa yang cuba saya perkatakan dipara akhir email saudara. Maseh ada harapan.

Bala Pillai: Sir you are too damn clever for me. Quantum Invention, Quantum Theory, Parrallel Universe….. Go easy on us please. You are forgetting we are trying to encourage ourselves to read. Diagnosis,prognosis,modality…I started learning English with a book showing a man and a pan and a man holding a pan. However dont let me stop you though. Everything is a reflection.

Saturday, July 30, 2005 3:51:00 AM  
Gate Pintu said…
haminuddin:My one and only son walk on all four legs. Pees on the sidewalk without shame and compels me to pick up his poop. At the end of the day I have to cook for him. Being a connoisseur of fine bones, meat and fats I am on my toes to prepare his scrumptious meals. What more can I say, my son is a geneticist

Saturday, July 30, 2005 6:03:45 AM  
Don’tPlayGod said…
I have been following the MT blog for quite some time now and it is refreshing and encouraging to note the postings by Haminuddin, awang kera, Bala Pillai, rhan, Dr. Bakri Musa, whose postings in Malaysiakini are very well followed, and our very own Gate Pintu, who has posted a rare posting which shows him to be intellectual when he wants to. Of course, the other posters above have made great postings in their own way, and if this continues, MT will be used to gauge the people’s opinion and a source of feedback for politicians, who I suspect are already following the blog in MT, and may already be adjusting their behaviour and attitudes accordingly.RPK may be smiling.

Saturday, July 30, 2005 12:34:25 PM  
Gate Pintu said…
I am increasing finding myself in a difficult position when I am forced to consider, in a state of mind, where in the generalization, the characteristic of a race, incites extreme dislikes but in the person the experiences are remarkable pleasant.My boy while eating his pan seared T-bone steak, hinted by squinting his “mata kuching” eyes that I may be at the verge of understand something profound. And as usual his intellect has never failed to deliver me from my quandary.

Melayu is a not a race! It is a state of being. It is only a stage in human development. Any one could be a Melayu but no one need to be a Melayu all his life. To put it in another way any race could become a Melayu but they can also reverse this misfortune without a sustaining permanent scar.

If you had painfully followed my posting, it will be hard to miss my sentiment for the Melayu and with good reason you may want me to irreversibly vanish and take with me all my venom toward the Melayu. Alas I now understand that what I hate and despise is not the person but the stage when a race become Melayu. Unfortunately providence has seen it fit to assemble the Melayu in the Malayan peninsular. But for those who have traveled abroad and have through their will transformed themselves through assimilating the progressive intelligence of their host, you are now TEGAK and no more Melayu! Only these can possible explain Bakri-ism and haminuddin-ism.

Now is this a bona fide epiphany or a sheer unadulterated bullshit? I pray tell me Don’t Play God.

Saturday, July 30, 2005 3:17:47 PM  
cognisant said…
Do you know what the main problem facing many Malays is, irregardless of class? When he makes enough money, he is thinking of taking another wife. The two wives fight like cats and try to take as much money from him as possible. If he can still make it, he takes on a third wife and the cat fights intensify. If he still make it, he takes on a fourth wife and there is chaos.This is the cause of downfall of most Malays. The Chinese take a mistress only when they are successful. The financial and emotional strain is more than they can bear. I know a prominant Malay was forced to cheat me because his first wife controlled all the cheques in his company in order to prevent the money from leaking to his young wife. Maybe he had more than two since the last one was a young chick. The last time I met him, he was already a bankrupt. I did not have the heart to ask for my money back.

No wonder he does not read books or keep books in his house. He many children and many ( 3 to 4 ) houses to make monthly instalments for. Now you see how he needs to become corrupt and sell his APs. You do not underdstand the poor guys problems. His fifth limb is the cause of all his problems. Look carefully and you will agree with me.

Saturday, July 30, 2005 4:45:42 PM  
Pro-rights said…
The Malays of yesterday years 50′,60’s..they were sincere,ethical,religious,nationalistic,pluralistic,take advantage of learning english when material and opportunity available…The Malays Today..they appear more religious in term of manifestation of form, holier than- thou attitude,take things for granted b’cos protected’ species’,more english materials available now but did not cultivate reading culture,more worldly,more susceptible to corruption,still insecure…

Saturday, July 30, 2005 5:47:09 PM  
Loganpal said…
Great blogs. What an interesting view on Malays and Malaysia.I dont believe Melayu means ‘to wilt’;(Is this the correct translation?)

Being an indian, the melayu was always been cool to me. Non-materialistic easy going. I understand the desire to modernize malay thinking and her instinct to survive.

There is still a lot of ‘time’ for Malays to excell (quantum invention). Dont u stop believing. Time is never going to end, so are we humans. (Ok, I dont believe the earth would cease to exist; We might screw it up, but we can always clean it up)

It is important to understand that the melayu is a person first with all life’s distractions, and no one is immune to it. It is always easy to look at negativity without asking what is good.

Sunday, July 31, 2005 1:34:17 AM  
Loganpal said…
I think the Melayu have to understand his/her race and religion; its separation and attractions. Are u a melayu first and muslim second? This is needed if malays want ‘any’ role in changing islamic mis-understanding in the geopolitical world we live in.Its still very early and having only BN ruling malaysia, we non-bn’iers only have hope(some) in anwar,or am I..

Sunday, July 31, 2005 5:17:33 AM  
mahutahu said…
The Malays are a confused lot by not knowing exactly who they are!If only they can understand the Urdu speaking peoples of Indo-Pakistan; who are they but an amalgamation of various ethnic races in the South Asia sub-continent; who by and large are using an Islamized urdu language.

The Iranians were likewise Farsinized by an Islamic language.

The Berbers and desert tribes of North Africa were Islamized by an Arabic language.

Turkey once did until the revert to Turkish but still an Islamized language.

The Malays, for heavens sake, are none other than groups of diverse ethnic peoples of the Golden Chersonese from Siam, Campuchea, Sulu, Kalimantan, Sumatra, Java etc.

[being colonised, the Indu-Aryan colonists were keen to stamp their mark by retaining the Sanskrit of the “sia” like Hindu-sia; Malay-sia; now you Hindu-Buddha minds know!]

The Malays, being God’s creatures were animistic Pagans[not a likeable term in the Quran] or Hindu-Buddha [polytheistic] were SUPPOSED to be saved from “jahiliyyah” by being ISLAMIZED.

The Portuguese and Dutch failed to proselytize the Malays but the British being what they are, managed to instill doubts of Cartesian proportions thru’ Malay College and over to Cambridge-Oxford and the Civics Universities.

And the turban-jubah wearing small-time preachers were so awed by Al Azhar, Madrasahs, Durul Ulums & the 2-Holy sanctuaries they never quite got their “properly authenticated” ijazahs from the students of Abu Hanifa, Malik, Ahmad Hanbal, Shafie, Asha’ri, Maturidi,Al Ghazali. What more from “students” of Junayd, Ibn Arabi, Sadra, Attai’llah, Anasari etc.

And the rest wouldn’t know any of the name that sounds like, Ibn Sina, al Farabi, Ibn Haytham, Biruni Ibn Rush, Al Razi, Khwarizmi etc

And the Gapena people think they are Shakespearean blah blah; unable to decipher the manuscripts of Rumi, Jami, Hafiz, and nearer to them Hamzah Fansuri.

O God, You are merciful in your might, You are glorious in your beauty. You are not needful of space, You require not time. No on eresembles you; You resemble no one. It is evident that you are in the soul – Nay, rather the soul lives by something which you are.[Ansari’s Intimate conversations]

And this Kwaja Abdullah Anasri learned this from an illiterate chap somewhere in Herat!

So you malays, baca lah “Islam Dalam Sejarah & Kebudayaan Melayu” and know your REAL IDENTITY.

Sunday, July 31, 2005 10:45:23 AM  
Old Fart said…
When you listen to a Malay leader professing the goodness of his race and time and time making this attempt to draw into that definition all who carry some of those genes, look Malay, talk a bit of Malay, and practice Islam, it makes one wonder why this need to keep repeating himself over and over again. Does this have anything to do with the fact that all who take on this race tag are guilty or afraid of being found out that they might not in the true meaning intentioned, be Malay? After all, when the make up of the Malay race, having come from almost all over South East Asia, cannot possibily be from a single gene pool. Within the more recent history…i.e the last 800 years or so, those who claim to be Malays and threfore, the “bumiputras” have been identified as having come from Yunana, China, Thailand, Laos, Java, Sumatra, other islands of Indonesia, some of the islands of Philippines, Burma, India and Pakistan and some even from the Polynesian territories. What is worse unlike the Indians and the Chinese who know and there is written history of their past that goes way far back, the Malays don’t seem to have any other than the dubious stories of the pathetic stories of Sultans and their households. Even their all time favourite hero, Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat, may turn out to be Chinese after all.I can understand a certain sense of insecurity the past may impact on their mental state today.

Really there is nothing much for me to say about this other than that the Chinese and the Indians are not here to exploit that void. We just want to live for today and to provide for tomorrow. Our baggage is left far behind and is not really impacting on what we want for the future. Whereas it would seem like the Malays are drawing on the past to work out what they need for the future.

Sunday, July 31, 2005 11:47:32 AM  
Bala Pillai said…
Dear all,This salient discussion has me to accelerate below:-

Help Wanted for Bangsa Malaysia Ethos Galvanisation TV Series

I’m looking for evidence of naturalism in each of the ethnic groups, in particular Malays, Chinese and Indians for a TV series that narrows us down to several schools of thought candidates for what Malaysian ethos is/can be. And what the main elements of Malaysian ethos are/might be.

Am also looking for evidence of haterade and transgressiveness.

What is naturalism? Today it is more known as yin-yang (which is rather odd as if naturalism is an alternative rather than naturalism being the original and ditheism being the alternative — see “What is Knowledge?” at for expansion).

What is haterade?

According to

haterade: a figurative drink representing a modality of thought. Those who consume it are themselves consumed by the negativity with which they speak.

What is transgressiveness?

It is a key component of naturalism and a figurative vaccine for haterade.
Examples (from Indian ethos): (a) the cosmic dancer, Sivan who is both destroyer and creator, both lover and warrior; (b) the palace Komaali (jester) who prevents groupthink/sycophancy coalescing.

What is the cure for haterade?

Naturalism. See “Why is Common Sense So Uncommon?” at

My contact details are below:

Bala Pillai
Sydney, Australia
Knowledge Economy Brands-in-the-making (since 1995) Knowledge Management + Social Networks + Citizen Journalism + Complementary Currency
Roadmap: Profile/Vision: (soon)
Ph: +61 2 9807 8589 IM (Yahoo/MSN): bala2pillai

Some people make the world happen, more watch the world happen, most wonder what happened.

Sunday, July 31, 2005 4:05:52 PM  
H J Angus said…
Good discussion going on here.Malaysia has lost really great talents of all races.

The good thing is that we have the Internet and we can still tap your brains without having to encounter keris waving speakers.

If only we have this level of discussion in the Malaysian Parliament…

Sunday, July 31, 2005 7:28:09 PM  
Old Fart said…
H J AngusOnly donkeys are found in our Parliament. If you think you fit that description, you become an MP..who ever said that you need to be able to articulate yourself like what you read here in order to qualify. God forbid!..Lest we all end up making up our parliament what will come of our cronies and all those AP Kings!

Sunday, July 31, 2005 8:35:48 PM  
Loganpal said…
Old fart,I think the Malays seem to be sharing the same dilemma Blacks in US are. A sense that they dont have an historical identity. Maybe I am wrong..Whats important is how Malays 1000 yrs from now, perceive their identity.

BalaPillai; Interesting ideas. The cure for haterade can only be permanent with education, which provides for some level of stability; financially and emotionally. Negativity without malice is required for innovation and henceforth invention.

By the way are ideas/inventions always good; Bombs,WMD, etc are great leaps in technlogical progress, but atlast what has it brought mankind to…

Monday, August 01, 2005 2:29:32 AM  
All these clever Indians like Pintu Gate, Old Fart, Logan and this foreigner Bala must first tell everyone here what are the brilliant ideas that they have in store that they can execute to help the indian poor.Proof that you don’t talk like that Samy we all know so well.

Pilayar Cirrit

Monday, August 01, 2005 2:03:39 PM  
Bala Pillai said…
I posted a version of this in the Muhibbah NetworkI hope we correct the disaster that religious memes have created in Asia. Bear in mind that prior to 1000 AD, Asia was *the* producer of quantum inventions. [1] What changed after that? What caused common sense to become so uncommon? Answer: The rigid belief in what is now well known as the Bush or Osama Bin Laden “good versus bad” doctrine. Or slightly watered down variations of them.

Bottom line: Religion stopped us from perceiving as objectively as we used to. From a situation where we used to perceive roses, thorns and in-betweens as they are, objectively, the iron-cast God Versus Devil had us to expect roses thus trained to spot thorns. Thus much higher levels of negativity in the East as compared to the West. And of course, seeing the thorns within us is too uncomfortable, so we see less of our own thorns. Result: untold disagreements.

And what happens if this happens for centuries? Less and less can be done by groups of people because we cannot get agreement on anything of significance. And then what happens? Hopelessness creeps in.

And then what happens? Hopelessness gets entrenched. And even more denial sets on. To the point where folks in Malaysia for example, don’t even realise that nearly anything significant we use, is conceived, designed or created overseas. And it is in conceiving, designing and creating that the most fun, the greatest bucks, the best jobs are. (And the shame of it is that Malays who are overall known for their creativity and imagination pay heavily for this.) More denial gets entrenched.

What happens then? The denial and hopelessness gets calcified into fear. Entrenched lower self-esteem. So more folks have to go to religion because the confusion is unbearable and they take it they can bribe and blame God — it gets infused into day to day pass-the-buck speech like “God-Willing”. Further erosion of berdikari.

Whose fault? Good versus Bad religions.

For even more detail please see Why is Common Sense So Uncommon? and What Is Knowledge?

Religion can be a good force but in Asia since 1000 AD it has net net been an evil force. With some minor exceptions like Cardinal Sin in the Philippines, religion has not stood up for ethical “the sky is the limit while on Earth, because you don’t have a choice — if you are not imaginative and creative, you will default close your eyes to great misery amongst your brethren” progressive civilisation. Religion has not fostered risk-taking — notice that the engine of much of Southeast Asia are the Chinese who are the least religious of the lot. If not for non-religious Chinese risk-taking and entrepreneurship in ambiguity, we’d be in lots more worse shape then we are.

Religion can be a good force if it goes into the nuanced realm of ethics. If it can go into detail into lesser evil/greater good sentences and thoughts. If it contextualised how to apply sense of duty. If it reinforced common sense. If it strenghthened our conscience. If it articulated why it is EVIL to discriminate against the creative and imaginative minds. If it articulate why it is EVIL not to be vigilant about justice. If it assisted us on what we do in conflict of rules situations — which should take precedence.

Otherwise, religion will continue to unintentionally, negligently or intentionally by commission or omission, perpetuate evil in Malaysia.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005 1:52:34 AM  
haminuddin said…
If there is a general consensus that we Malays are suffering from Delusion as most of the postings seem to the Malay Delusion not Dilemma ( the Ketuanan Melayu which is not only a fine example of an Oxymoron but also one of the greatest Myths/Delusions sold to the Malays)then could we perhaps invite a psychologist/psychaitrist to profile us which might help us to understand the root causes and therefore lead us out of the quagmire. Talking about Dr M, Rafidah,Isa Samad, T Jaafar and family, APs, Proton and pointing fingers at these characters is fine butthese are consequences not the causes of our Delusion.WE Malays have come to a stage where we can no longer differentiate the Load from the Donkey or Kerbau if we must localised the metaphor.

Is there a doctor in the house? Not Dr M of course. Anyway he is not a psychaitrist or psychologist.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005 5:50:02 AM  
What a load of holy bull byproducts in this Muhiba Network… neither holy nor muhiba, just usual bull byproducts.

You don’t need an eye doctor to see or an ENT to smell.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005 8:30:52 AM  
Anyone asking for a cosmetic surgery for masking up the state of affairs?
Tuesday, August 02, 2005 8:32:16 AM  
haminuddin said…
Move over to the Ketuanan Melayu debate. It is all happening in that coloumn. And it is begining to sound and look more like the Malaysian Parliament except maybe with a better command of English. The prejudice and bigotry seems to be unchanged. Keep it up my lovelies. Dont we all love the sound of our voices!
Monday, August 08, 2005 7:03:43 AM  
ZEXX said…
Becerita pasal orang2 Melayu, yg agak berjaya adalah orang2 Jawa yg termasuk salah satu kelompok Melayu dalam banyak2 Melayu yg ada.Sayang orang2 Melayu yg terus-menerus bergantung kpd pemimpin2 Melayu yg boleh dikatakan Hampir keSemuanya Tidak Berkualiti…samada mereka datangnya dari Pemimpin2 Melayu UMNO, PAS, keADILan semuanya umpama berus gigi buruk yg sudah kembang berusnya..tetapi masih digunakan rakyat Melayu bawahan utk terus ‘memberus’ gigi dan mulut yg busuk diwaktu pagi. Mungkin guru2 sekolah agama pondok yg mengajar tanpa mengharapkan upah yg besar jauh melangit lebih mulia dari mereka semua, sayangnya mereka2 ini tidak dipandang tinggi oleh orang2 Melayu sekarang ini.

Perangai yg sudah menjadi darah beku yg melekat diHati orang2 Melayu yg kita semua sedia maklumi adalah:
1. Suka pada sorakan dan puji-pujian walau melingkupkan bangsa sendiri.
2. Hiburan, Cintan-cintun
3. Malas, lepak, buang masa
4. Asyik-maksyuk kpd Dengki & Khianat
5. Cakap yg Tak seberapa pun Bikinnya.
6. Tidak suka Membaca dan Berfikir.
7. Terlalu suka mendengar Cerita Buruk pasal orang lain.
8. Suka mereka2 cerita fitnah.
9. Berpura2, berlakun baik & alim
10. Tidak suka ditegur terutamanya oleh bangsa lain.
11. Selalu berpikir Kemudian,,,Buat Dahulu,,,i.e: mintak ampun kat negara China pasal Ketuk Ketampi, lepas tu baru siasat kata perempuan Melayu Malaysia pulak,emmmm,,,Jambatan Bengkok tetap kita bina, ia hak kita,,,seluruh dunia bergegar masa nak bina Jambatan menggantikan Tambak Johor,,tiba2 macam kena serangan Stroke,,Pembinaan Jambatan Batal.
12.Yang berjawatan diatas Terus Menipu,,,yg dibawah Terus Mengampu,,,memang Melayu juga termasuk macam India yg terkenal suka Mengampu orang atasan.
13. Pentingkan diri dan keluarga sendiri walaupun bangsa sendiri mati.
Banyaklah lagi kalau nak kita senaraikan disini perangai2 yg terlalu buruk dah hodoh pada Melayu…
Satu2nya jalan utk memperbaiki masalah ini adalah mengkaji dan menuruti Al-Quran dan Hadis disamping tanam dan Paksakan sifat menukar arah haluan Melayu Lama ke Melayu Baru, terutamanya pada anak2 kita yg masih boleh ditentukan arah haluan dihadapan mereka. Kitalah yg menukarkannya mulai saat Ini!!
Contohilah Melayu di Cape Town, South Africa yg memegang majority kuasa ekonomi, saling membantu, disegani dan dihormati di Cape Town oleh orang2 kulit hitam peribumi maupun orang2 kulit putih disini. Jangan asyik-maksyuk dengan drama2 Melayu pasal Cintan-cintun yg dengarnya ada membuat penggambaran di Cape Town…Bangunlah Melayu, jangan serupa dulu…dah terhimpit kedinding baru Bukak Mata yg Tak Buta!!


Saturday, July 15, 2006 12:21:40 AM  



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  1. Dear Bakri et all,
    Melayu originates from Latin word, “malaise”. Ancient toxonomist-explorers needed to describe a new race they encountered. This word later tranforms into malas, malay, melayu.

    Comment by Melaju | Friday, August 25, 2006 | Reply

  2. kalau tanya aku, aku kata “semuanya bergantung pada individu” ada melayu malas, ada cina malas, ada india malas, ada melayu rajin, ada cina rajin,.. persoalannya tanya diri sendiri. bukan salah bangsa, bukan sebab bangsa… aku melayu… aku tak fikir pun orang cina lebih hebat dari aku… atau ingeris.. bila bertanding.. aku lawan.. kalau kalah,.. aku belajar.. tapi lain kali.. aku lawan lagi.. cukup usaha.. aku menang.. tak cukup aku kalah.. senang.. tentang meLAYU… aku hanya tahu ia dikaitkan dengan kelayuan bila ada orang menunjukkan kepada aku.. seingat aku.. orang melayu adalah satu bangsa yang menguasai asia tenggara dari selatan siam sampai ke hujung filipina.. selepas itu di jajah ingeris, portugis, kerana kekurangan ilmu dan persatuan.. tetapi sekarang sudah merdeka… hebat!… kalau tak hebat takkan boleh merdeka! ingat… india pun kena jajah… cina pun walau tak pernah kena jajah seluruhnya… pernah kehilangan hong kong, kalah perang candu dan sebagainya…

    aku nak maju, tapi ada melayu yang tidak mahu maju… banyak juga yang mensabotaj diri sendiri dengan banyak alasan.. kekadang aku terfikir kenapa tidak mereka buat saja…. “just do it!” tetapi hal ini bukan unik pada melayu.. orang omputih pun ada macam ni….

    Comment by anak melayu | Thursday, August 31, 2006 | Reply

  3. I esli ya odnazhdy zamolch. Kodey Kata.

    Comment by Kodey Kata | Thursday, May 10, 2007 | Reply

  4. Chto s holodami ne v lada. Jacobina Horst.

    Comment by Jacobina Horst | Saturday, May 19, 2007 | Reply

  5. Nedolgo tolko zhili byl. Menelaus Karolis.

    Comment by Menelaus Karolis | Friday, June 1, 2007 | Reply

  6. itu semua bergantng pada individu lah kawan… kalau i ching dari cina terpaksa datang ke sri vijaya utk belanja budishm 1000 tahun lalu… kenapa perkara sama x boleh berulang… lagi pun… sri vijaya tuh kan out great datuk yang juga melayu!… so jgn salahkan melayu… tanya diri sendiri… soalan paling mudah… adakah anda yang terbaik dlm bidang anda? tepuk dada tanya selera…

    Comment by I ching | Saturday, June 9, 2007 | Reply

  7. Vse promolchat nikto ne skazhe. Zelda Herakleides.

    Comment by Zelda Herakleides | Thursday, June 21, 2007 | Reply

  8. Its bad enough you do it, you do it to yoursel. Den Leola.

    Comment by Den Leola | Thursday, July 5, 2007 | Reply

  9. Youll be gackin up agai. Dragoslav Duilio.

    Comment by Dragoslav Duilio | Saturday, July 14, 2007 | Reply

  10. oh i can’t believe what i’m seeing with my eye. Ulf Raharjo.

    Comment by Ulf Raharjo | Thursday, September 20, 2007 | Reply

  11. hang tuah tidak wujud…..org2 dahulu kala mengambarkan khebatan hang tuah shingga xbole dtima akal fkira…’xkan melayu hilang di dunia’…itu hanyalah ayat biasa….sbnarnye khbatan hang tuah itu mlambangkn khebatan kerajaan melayu melaka pada masa itu…..dan jika dlihat tarikh ttg kgmilangan hang tuah adalah sama dgn tarikh melaka menjadi pelabuhan terpenting di dunia …sama sperti di venice, italy…dan tarikh khilangan hang tuah merupakan tarikh portugis dtg ke melaka….

    Comment by mr.secret | Sunday, August 10, 2008 | Reply


    Comment by SMARTMALAY | Sunday, October 4, 2009 | Reply

  13. melayu atau apa bangsa pun…semuanya manusia…maju atau mundur bukan dari bangsa…..semua dari sikap satu2 bangsa….mundur atau maju dari sikap seseorang…tuhan tak akan ubah seseorang atau sesuatu bangsa apapun..kalau kita sendiri atau kaumkita.. tak mau berubah…….

    Comment by zulfakar | Wednesday, December 9, 2009 | Reply

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